Cheat na Kaineko – Chapter 8

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Lunaria’s personality

[Ah, hello there. I am Lunaria….]

This girl is approximately 14 or 15 years old.

She seems so fragile that she will break into pieces with just a slight touch.

Furthermore, she looks so beautiful, like a piece of art. Or rather, once you see this girl, it would make a sculptor feel the inferiority of their work and destroy their own creation.

[This is a lie….]

How could the proprietress give birth to such a beautiful girl?!

[Ma’am, did you elope with a sickly noble in the past? Did you experience something like that?]

Although it might seem rude, I was thinking of their complicated family matters.

[There is no mistake; Lunaria is the child of my husband and I. Whahaha!]

[Ahh…if I knew my wife was going to be this much of a tomboy, I wouldn’t have gone and married her….]

I think this is a joke, but the inn’s boss is sighing from the kitchen.

[Well if it’s not too much of a bother, I hope to be able to depend on you when I make the purchase.]

Lunaria’s voice also sounded very sweet.

Misha bit and tugged on my pants.

[Goshujinsama, you’re spacing out too much], her eye are telling me that.

You would also like to eat fish, so it’s the same here.

[I understand, leave it all to me.]

In fact, I was also thinking it is about time to complete a guild request.

Of course I agreed.

However, after we returned to the room, Misha sarcastically started blaming me.

[In the end, human males still prefer young girls!]

[N-no! …Th-That! Th-this much is natural….]

[Then what about me? You kept saying that I am cute right?]

[Th-that’s not a lie!]

Misha sighed with a [Haa~.]

The sigh is like that of a human.

[…As expected. To attract the interest of Goshujinsama, I must become  human.]

Misha seems to be jealous. A woman’s heart sure is difficult to understand. ———————————————————————–

The following day, I went to the guild to accept the commission.

It is necessary to accept the commission through the guild since it’s won’t be credited to me if it was just accepted by verbal agreement.

Well, the proprietress said she will reject all other adventurers beside me, so there is no need to worry about others getting the job first.

On the second day, a relatively big horse carriage was parked in front of the inn.

[We’ve borrowed this carriage for a month. This carriage is the shared property of the town after all.]

The proprietress said [Well then, I shall leave it to you!] while laughing loudly.

[Well…. I have something in my mind that I need to ask.]

There is a matter that I’m slightly concerned with.

[…Is it fine that a male adventurer is traveling with a lone girl?]

[Actually, I am more troubled that there are no rumors of my daughter with guys. That girl is always doing sewing work with other girls.]

…Is she trying to create a fateful encounter?

Well then, is this not the perfect opportunity…?

[Furthermore, there is one more reason which you will know once you travel.]

I understood the reason once we started traveling.

[Misha really is cute desu~.]

Lunaria walked while carrying Misha along.

Lunaria, the horse and I are walking side by side without feeling tired.



[I love cats very much! However, the cats in the city are not as friendly as Misha. I feel that a domestic cat is equivalent to a child.]

…I see. It does not seem bad traveling together with a cat in Lunaria’s eyes.

As Misha is unable to speak, she cried out [Nya~ Nya~].

Misha should only be close towards me, but this is a part of the job so I just have to let it go. 

Our destination is a harbor city south of the capital called Napuuru.

The distance is approximately 40 nagu, which is 80 km when converted to kilometers.

This distance will actually take two days for a horse carriage to cover.

Due to the long distance, it is extremely difficult to transport fresh products. There is also the issue for the cost of transportation, so the fish are mostly dried before being transported back to the capital. This allows the fish to be preserved and also reduces the weight.

I heard all this information from Lunaria.

Although I thought that she is more of the quiet type of character, she is surprisingly outspoken when there is only the two of us…and Misha.

[Is it really okay with only me as your bodyguard?]

We’re taking the shortest route from the capital to the harbor city Napuuru, so the public order is still not as bad as the others.

In fact, it would be extremely troublesome if this main route from the capital to the sea is blocked.

I spent the trip chatting with Lunaria, slept on the carriage for one night and arrived at Napuuru uneventfully.

Because this is the harbor city, there are a lot of brawny men on the streets who look like they’re great at fighting. It is the same scenario in the guild so this is still somewhat scary.

Then, we went to the fish merchants for the sake of buying dried fish.

[Let me negotiate the cost of the purchase.]

Lunaria said that.

…Is it really fine leaving it to her?

The sly and cunning merchants will definitely jerk up the price.

…There was however no cause for concern.

Lunaria’s expression changed the moment we met the merchant.

….Why does it feel like I’m with the proprietress instead?

[Yes well…there are 8 boxes of dried fish which costs a total of 6,400 coins.

The merchant stated the price.

[Too expensive! This is considered small for this kind of fish during this season! Nobody will buy it if you don’t lower the price!]

Lunaria raised her voice during the negotiation.

[Th-then, how about 6,000 coins?]

[Still too expensive! Let me take a look! …Ahh, look! The colour and the shape of the fish is bad, not to mention how small it is. This at most would be 4,500 coins!]

[I will go out of business with that…. A-at least make it 5,300 coins….]

[5000 coins!]

[-?! …I…I understand…]


The merchant is obviously being pressured.

What’s more, Lunaria is the party doing the pressuring….

[Ahh, and please bring out two boxes of small dried fish!]

[H-how much should it cost…?]

[Should I change the supplier next time?]

[…I understand…. I will give it as extra service….]

I carried Misha while looking at the scene.

[All women have two faces nya~.]

Misha said in a whisper.

Anyway, since Lunaria’s voice is so loud, Misha’s voice won’t be heard.

[Is that right…? Well, the proprietress’ blood really does flows within her after all.]

After the trade is concluded, Lunaria came back as if nothing has happened while changing back to her fragile look.

[It was a success. Thank you very much…]

[Now I understand the reason why Lunaria was selected.]

[I am not used to talking to men, so I was somewhat nervous….]

That is definitely a lie.

Well, all we have left to do is to return back with our haul.

However, things didn’t go as expected.

At night, while keeping watch at the front of the carriage, Misha’s nose twitched a few times.

[It is the smell of beasts.]

Even if it’s not as sensitive as dog’s, a cat’s nose is also relatively good.

[Is it stray dogs?]

[It’s most likely that it’s monsters.]

I drew my sword.

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