Duke’s Daugther – Chapter 80

Translator(s): ShimizuA, ConformChild    Editor(s): Matty    Proofreader(s): Matty    TLC: Lox


Sei’s Conviction III


The moment Sei exited the room, I stood and gave chase.


“Milady?” [Ryle, Tanya]


Following my attempt to leave, Ryle and Tanya worriedly called out after me in unison.


“Wo-worry not.. I’m merely going to observe from a distance. “ (Iris)

“You shouldn’t. It’s dangerous.”  (Ryle)


Ryle rebuked my course of action. Him being my escort, it’s only natural that he would find my willingness to approach the eye of the storm to be outrageous.

I gave Ryle a solemn stare, but the look on his face mirrored my own.  It seems we’ve come to an impasse.


“..  There are employees working under me, including Sei and Dida, at the place of disturbance.” (Iris)


I averted my eyes from Ryle whilst telling him my reasoning.


“This company is my responsibility. The person in charge should be the one to face the problem themselves… And that person just so happens to be me, responsible for assuring the safety of its employees so that they may go about their duties securely and at ease. Please, Ryle, do not stop me from assuming this role.” (Iris)

“But, Lady Iris..” (Ryle)

“Besides, must you ‘guard’ me by precluding me from my duties…?  Ryle.. my confidence in this pursuit is born from my trust in you.” (Iris)

“But…  No, all right, I’ll respect your decision. Try not to expose your being there to the opposing party.” (Ryle)


With a nod, I left the room, with Ryle in tow and begrudgingly approving of my resolution.

I hurried towards the shouting voice coming from the front of the shop.


“… It has been a while, Mr Damme.” (Sei)


Sei’s voice stuck out from the racket surging from the crowd.

My sight scanned the entirety of the store until it glimpsed upon Sei and Dida.

One man was getting arrested, stripped of freedom by Dida.


“At your behest, I have shown myself to you… So might you now explain why a ‘Former Employee’ is the cause for this pandemonium?” (Sei)


After Sei’s voice sweeped across the room, all became deathly quiet; it was if the previous ruckus became a dispersed illusion.

Even if the content of his words wasn’t imposing itself, the threat was undoubtedly implied.

An angry Sei is a frightening experience for any beholders.


“ …… “


The man was evidently overwhelmed by Sei. Discerning this reaction, Sei intentionally heaved out a sigh.


“Keeping your lips sealed, huh…  I, as the supervisor, have the responsibility of overseeing this establishment so that the customers may browse our wares at their leisure. Under usual circumstances, we would’ve already had you handed over to the proper authorities and this would’ve been finished by now. But.. since I was courteous enough to give you this opportunity to speak for yourself,  it would be in your best interest to seize it.” (Sei)

“ … I-.. I’m not at fault here!” (Damme)

“Playing innocent this late in the game, huh.. “ (Sei)


Sei heaved a sigh for the second time now. Well, inciting such a commotion and then claiming innocence is a bit….


“I’m not playing innocent! It wasn’t my fault! I have worked at this firm and produced results. And I have these results from working until I was bare bones. Yet.. when I applied for reinstatement, I was so easily brushed away…” (Damme)

“… If memory serves me right, weren’t you the one to quit after being lured into another company? In that case, why can’t you just produce the same results over there?” (Sei)


I was thoroughly convinced in Sei’s reasoning. Basically, this man.. Damme, was it? He was the one to defect to the firm under Prince Edward’s control.


“Wh-… Well… it may be so… But I came to understand that I could make better use of my capabilities in this company. That is why I submitted an application for reinstatement… So to just be cast aside like this…” (Damme)

“In any case, you are suggesting that we re-admit you… You, a man who gladly joined another firm, and then nonchalantly submitted for reinstatement … ?” (Sei)

“Bu–But… Isn’t it only natural that you accept people of my caliber with pleasure?! I was once in charge of cooking for this store! If you were to hire me again, you would see immediate results!” (Damme)

“You certainly did give an excellent performance while still at our firm.. “ (Sei)

“ … Then….” (Damme)


“But if I may speak candidly, we already have a multitude of employees at your skill level,” Sei declared to him coldly.

“Certainly, you may possess those skills right from the get go. But now, even those without any initial skills strive hard to obtain them, and in the long run, achieve much more than people like you who are stuck in their ways due to pride… Did you honestly believe I wouldn’t look at one’s work ethic? Sure, skill is important, but that’s not the whole of it. Suppose there was someone with equal ability to yours: between you, someone content in their skills and prone to turn-coating in a state of crisis, or a hard worker who would remain loyal in the face of it… I don’t need to state which one I would choose, now, do I…?(Sei)


Sei pierced the man with his glare. That man, the man called Damme, could do nothing but quake with fear in response to it.

…. Really, Sei’s intensity is something else…




18 thoughts on “Duke’s Daugther – Chapter 80”

  1. What a shameless person who betray his former employer when it was in crisis and probably have given away some trade secrets that he gained during his time with the new employer. Also who knows if he is not being secretly employed to be a spy. A person with two masters cannot be fully trusted. Thanks for this update and Good Luck with with the new school term.

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  2. Thats some balls on that guy for trying lol, gotta wonder what he was thinking to even try that 😛 way to go Sei, your ball busting technique worked just fine 😀


    1. Sei is one of the street kids the protagonist picked up. Apprentice to Sebastian the Butler, and the one who was originally put in charge of selling the chocolate.

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    1. Terribly sorry for the confusion. Seems I got the character tags mixed up at some point during my editing.

      Ryle and Sei are indeed two separate entities in this arc.

      I have submitted a fixed version of chapter 79 to the Translator at N&C; he should have it posted soon.
      And again, sorry for the inconvenience..


  3. Is it true that you guys are droping from translating this web novel version?
    I am just asking because n&c mentioned that you will be doing the LN version. Please see there anouncement on the chapter 81


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