Fiona – Chapter 10

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Yea! It’s Seymour!!

Forever 17-years-old

I entered the study. There was a single woman sitting on a chair there. She was sitting crossed legged on a chair, which had a design on it. She was wearing quite a strange and revealing dress.

Magic was everywhere, being manipulated by the divine providence of nature; her personal opinion was that a sorcerer’s true appearance must be as revealing as possible on the outside.

Because of that, since the moment I had first met her, she had clad herself in embarrassing clothing which made it difficult to find a place for my eyes to rest at. But then again, that person herself should be aware of her own beauty’s worth.

And since she was well aware of that body’s beauty, she crossed her legs on purpose and was particularly good at trifling with men’s gazes with that alluring figure. 
But then again, she wouldn’t use that trick against me. Certainly, this witch’s beauty deserved a special mention.

Her crimson hair and eyes, which seemed to have been recently dyed with fresh blood, were quite charming, also the color and fragrance that was lightly drifting all felt quite alluring.

But this witch’s age was one thousand two hundred years. No matter how charming she looked, once I remembered that I lost my drive. I couldn’t make a person who was more than 200 years over me in seniority, a target of my affections. While I was thinking like that, she, Iris Seymour, made a morose face.

「The herbivore type as always[1]. Because my stupid disciple was coming to visit me after so many years, I dressed up especially well and waited.」

「I love master like an elder sister. I wouldn’t look at my family with such eyes.」[2]

「Is it because there’s a bunch of obstacles that pile up in love, I wonder? The forbidden love of a brother and sister. Aren’t you fired up?」

「I don’t have such hobbies, you know.」

I said that, but master deviated, saying 「Well, it’s fine」

「If you had pointed out age as a factor for me not being an object of your affection, I would have been hurt, but if it’s due to me being a sister-like figure, it can’t be helped. Because I certainly raised you like my own younger brother.」

「I’m truly grateful. Come to think of it, a 『Thousand Years』have passed since I first met you, right? At first, I never thought it’d turn out to be such a long association.」

「……Just now, didn’t you emphasise the word thousand? Did you count my age too, while counting yours?」[3]

Master, while taking it a little too seriously, said so. I then asked her while being a little amazed.

「Master. It’s been many decades since I’ve had a reunion with you, but you’re still bothered about your age? Once you cross 100 years, the rest can all be counted within a margin of error……」

「Error? What’re you talking about? One has to count one’s age accurately. By the way, I haven’t crossed a hundred years.」

「……No, master, the first time we met was when I was around 13. It’s been more than a thousand years since then, so you must have at least crossed a thousand years--

She forcibly interrupted the words I was saying.

「What are you saying? Am I not still only 17 years?」

「No, 17 is……」

「No way, I’m 17. 17 years and 14196 months. A beautiful girl in the bloom of her youth surely refers to girls my age.」[4]

「No, ten thousand is a bit……」

I guess it’s a bit far out of the count. Or rather, I wonder if she’s prepared for such situations and is always counting. She insisted that she was 17 years in a manner of balancing both pride and arrogance.

「Sigh……」I let out a light breath.

This witch always gave out such a feeling.

Even so, she’s the woman who’s my teacher. It won’t be gentlemanly like to unnecessarily press on with that topic. Moreover, things will get better if I treat her like a 17-year-old maiden.

In return, I shouted in a loud voice, that master’s age (Only I would know as I have known her for a long time), and she criticised me counting her age of many hundred months using my fingers, but even if she did that, it has no meaning.

No, on the contrary of being meaningless, it might hurt and kill the mood. Actually, the first time we met she had made a gentle face, but now at present, it has changed. Her face was laughing, but her eyes weren’t. I’m not sure, but that kind of expression gave a feeling of magical power dispersing.

A few hundred years ago, when she got into a quarrel with other Wisemen at a certain Sorcerers Society, she had the same expression she was making now.

After that, during the Society, she killed the Wiseman who was ridiculing her age. I wonder if she actually brought him to the doors of death.

Of course, that became a huge issue, and master received a punishment to be on her best behavior for a year, but afterward, that Wiseman never showed his face at the society, and there was no one who touched the topic of her age at the society.

The nickname, The Witch of Fresh Blood came from being stained by the others’ blood at the time. It’s not because she’s a redhead.
She joked so, but it would be a wise choice not to touch her age. In order to change the topic, I introduced my daughter to her.

「To the elder sister who is a girl in her bloom of youth, I introduce my daughter. Master is like my elder sister so master would be her aunt, I guess?」

Well then, master is nagging about age, I wonder what she thinks of the name.

I was worried she’d get angry at being called an「Aunt」, but it seems they were baseless fears.

「There are aunts younger than me in this world. If I start bothering about small names, my wrinkles will start increasing. No, but I don’t have any wrinkles.」

When she said so, she gave Fiona the honor of calling her 「Aunt」. While thinking of this honor as a privilege, I whispered close to Fiona’s ears,

「Fiona. This person is my master. And also the person who brought me up.」

「Daddy’s mommy?」

「Rather than a mommy, she’s a big sister. That’s why, call her Aunt」

When I said so, Fiona nodded, saying 「Yea」, picking up the hems of her skirts and giving a curtsy, 「Pleased to meet you, Aunt!」

Seeing that figure, master raised her voice in praise.

「Oh my, how admirable. Even though you were raised with only a father, you understand manners」

「She must surely be imitating the children of the Otto House.」

Till a few weeks ago, she wasn’t this much of a courteous daughter. She didn’t behave like a nobleman’s daughter, or should I say she was more impulsive before, she was a child that behaved like a child.

If we hadn’t perhaps stayed at the Otto House, she might have given a more energetic greeting, jumping into master’s arms.

But that’s that, master should be happy. When she walked up to Fiona, she embraced her. She lifted Fiona up in order to offer a seat beside her right side. It seems that was her own way of showing love, but she was also simultaneously inspecting Fiona.

「Hmm, her weight is around 17 kgs, I see. She appears to be a 5-year-old, isn’t she.」

When master said that, she turned to me.She used《Telepathy》magic.

『You’re hiding the fact that she is a homunculus from her, right?』

『Of course. Or rather, I have to do it. I don’t have the courage to reveal the truth of her birth to her. 』

『That was wise. If you’ve been quiet till now, continue deceiving her until the end. At least, continue hiding it until this child becomes an adult.』

『I intend to do so. But will this child become an adult?』

『What do you mean?』

『If you look back into history, there are many Sorcerers who succeeded in creating a homunculus like me, but all the homunculi that were born ended up dying young. It may be that this child too……』

『Are you asking if this child too, will follow the footsteps of her predecessors? Well, that’s beyond my ability to measure, but in the past, all homunculi that were born were all, to the letter, children inside a flask. They had delicate bodies that couldn’t go outside the flask. But how’s this child? Breathing in the outside world like this, she even achieved growth. How old will this child go on to live, I’m no God to know, but at least it’s nothing to worry about today and tomorrow.』

『……If master says so, then I’ll be at peace.』

She took a small pause there and continued.

『And since you’re worrying about this girl’s growth speed, in the past, all homunculi appearing in literature, without exception, had a fast growth.』

『I see, that’s helpful.』

『Afterall, parental love has finally sprouted, if she dies in a blink of an eye, it’d be worrying.』

When master revealed that irony, she lowered Fiona onto the ground. She switched over the conversation from telepathy to ordinary speech.

「Aah, she’s heavy. If it continues this way, then I won’t be able to freely hug her in a few months. At least it’ll become impossible for I, who is a beautiful girl in her bloom of youth. Well, it’s proof that she’s growing up healthily.」

When master let this out, she started a conversation with Fiona.

「Hey Fiona. I’ll make the housemaid prepare sweets. Do you have anything you wanna eat?」

Fiona laughed cheerfully.

「I wanna eat apple tart!」

「I see, I’ll have her prepare it then.」

When master said that, she called the housemaid, and instructed her to prepare the apple tarts. She then turned to Chloe, and added this,
「From now on, I’ll be having a conversation with my foolish disciple. I don’t want this girl to hear it, so take care not to let her close to this room.」

Master said it with a dignified tone and expression. Chloe lowered her head respectfully. She might have guessed that I and master were going to have an important conversation, which was to decide Fiona’s future.

「As you wish.」

Saying so, she deeply lowered her head. Master replied.

「The people of the world despise me as The Witch of Fresh Blood, but just a few moments ago I was called Aunt. I won’t do something that’ll make my niece sad.」

When she declared so, she looked towards me.

「Moreover, I have to prevent my foolish disciple from making choices that’d make his daughter unhappy. Chloe, it’d be great to let that child eat the apple tart peacefully.」

She laughed, saying that Seymour House’s Apple Tarts are the best in the empire. Chloe too returned the smile.

「Then let’s steal the secret to that taste, and offer it as the second best in the empire someday.」
When she said so, she pulled Fiona’s hand and turned towards the guest room. Once I confirmed that they both weren’t here, I sat on the chair being offered by master. A long conversation will begin from here. I didn’t feel the need to remain standing during that time.

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  1. Herbivore men or grass-eater men(草食(系)男子 Sōshoku(-kei) danshi) is a term used in Japan to describe men who have no interest in getting married or finding a girlfriend.The term herbivore men was also a term that is described as young men who had lost their “manliness”.The term was coined by the author Maki Fukasawa in an article published on 13 October 2006. Wiki here.
  2. TL: There goes that usagi drop route.
  3. TL: NEVER EVER EVER talk about age (or weight) with a woman.
  4. TL:Calc tells me 14196 months is 1183 years. (´⊙ω⊙`).



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