JUSCO – Prologue

Translator(s): Kenar    Editor(s): Matty    Proofreader(s): N/A    TLC(s): ShimizuA



「Rin Ichirou, I ask this of you.」(Krau)

「What is it, Krau?」(Rin)

People called them “Rou AuratumThe White Lily Knight

Despite her being a young lady of only sixteen years, there was no one in the nation who could rival her swordplay. Such a power could stand against an army of a thousand.

Furthermore, they had a stunning appearance. It was as if there were white lilies blossoming amidst the battlefield. With extravagantly long hair, fluttering against the wind, they captured both the gazes and hearts of friend and foe alike.

The pride of the country; the protector of the Adelven Kingdom; the quintessential RosewaldKnight.

Her name was Krauzera Rou Kotovic. By 《SeedbedHorizon Magic [1]》, right now, the female knight with the oh so revered name is—.

「Regarding Her Highness’s request… That is…」(Krau)

Conveying an earnest gaze, she beseeched me.

That gaze and request were directed at me, an ordinary High School student.

「Rin Ichirou…. Please take Her Highness to Jusco!」(Krau)

Yes? JUSCO, you say?

Directly behind Krauzera, there was a princess splayed out against a tatami and flailing her limbs.

「JUSCO!! JUSCO!! Take me there!! I want to shop there, eat at the food courts, play at the game center!! JUSCO!! JUSCO!! Take me there!! JU~S~CO!」(Pau)

What’s up with that?

Princess Pau – who was dubbed “Royal’s Ranunculus[2]” where she’s from, due to her beauty – is throwing a tantrum, and is now rolling towards me during her last outburst of『JUSCO~!』. Her alias is going to become「fluttering blonde」thanks to her disheveled hair.


Again, rolling all over the place.

Don’t roll over here. Don’t come near me. How annoying….

「Aah, JUSCO ── An utopia where dreams come true and wishes are granted… A treasure the Great Pirate King left in this world……」(Krau)

Wrong. That’s not at all the case.


Or rather, Princess, what kind of place do you take JUSCO for? While being astonished by such a thing, the female knight continues to speak…

「How about it, Rin Ichirou? When Her Highness doesn’t get what she wants, well, you see…」(Krau)

What do you mean “you see”!?

And, you, don’t pamper her so much!

I can see a clear blue sky outside the window.

A calm blue during the last quarter of May.

The Female Knight, Krau, and the Princess, Pau —- ever since these two people came about, my day to day became so noisy…

Why did this happen.. ? It requires a bit of explanation.

Yeah, it was on a certain night, ten days ago…



  1. Changed シーズベツド to Seedbed, since Jusco have plant theme. 
  2. A buttercup flower. Ranunculus sp.

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