JUSCO – V1 Chapter 2 part 1

Translator(s)    : Kenar, Crown Princess JUSCO(Pearl/Kaelpie)

Editor        : Yuzuha

Proofread    : BirbPenguin

TLC        : ShimizuA

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Princess Pau: “I’m not saying that judging someone isn’t bad, but… there was a little doubt in Rinichiro’s tsukkomis. His response to the Otaku-jokes were too precise which made him seem as if he wasn’t country-bred. Isn’t that contrary to this novel’s ‘Countryside as the stage’ setting?”

Grandmother: “ Just relax. You are giving away spoilers you know.”

Chapter 2


“──and that’s what happened last night”(Rinichirou)

The next day at school. Lunch break.

There’s a transparent blue sky outside the window. The sun shines brightly, while the wind is gently shaking the trees’ leafs. Yesterday’s heavy rain seems like a lie.

This is Heike public senior high school.

It’s a school located halfway up a mountain, a little far away from the center of the city, with only nine students. Since there are only nine students in total, there’s no classes or grades. There are three first years, four second years, and two third year students. Indeed, it can be said that its scale is only possible, or rather fitting for the countryside.

In the corner of such a small wooden school building, there’s a classroom for us second years.

I talked about what happened last night while eating my lunch box in the classroom.

“After that, Princess Pau pretended to sleep, so that her knightess Krau could quickly sleep after her, but she ended up falling sound asleep in the process. She must’ve been really tired. Good grief, it was really noisy.”(Rinichirou)

I wonder how tired they were. The knightess and princess kept sleeping, even in the morning.

That’s why I haven’t decided what to do about them yet, but my grandma said “If you help with the chores, they can stay here for a while”. Of course that’s if they wish to.

“Heeh, is that so…”(Miya)

For some reason, Miyato, who is seated beside me, has an irritated expression.Miyato Miya── nicknamed ‘Miya’, she’s the girl next to me.

She’s an irritable and short tempered girl to begin with, but strangely enough, when I talk about other girls she looks even more irritated than usual. It’s something like an old habit.

“In other words, Rin, you’ll now be living under the same roof as that naked freeloader?”(Miya)

“Well, that’s how it is… Besides, seeing her naked wasn’t my fault in the first place, and it’s not like seeing her naked and living together is connected you know?”(Rinichirou)

“Humph, Whatever!”(Miya)

What’s with that reaction? Why did she react like that?

“At any rate, I can’t agree with that. I can’t let such children live together with you”(Miya)

“Why are you against it? …Oh, is it because Princess Pau and Krauze are being chased by orcs? I’m worried about that too, but Krauze is strong and we have the police as well as the JSDF[1] here so there’s nothing to worry about.”(Rinichirou)

“Like I said, that’s not it!”(Miya)

“?? Then what is it?”(Rinichirou)

“In other words, uh… that means, I, about Rin….”

──And, at that moment.

Suddenly, the door of the classroom opens with a bang.

“Rinichirou, so you’re in this room?”(Krauze)

“Krau!? Why are you inside my school?”(Rinichirou)

No doubt, speak of the devil. The female knight Krauzera appeared.

She’s wearing the same armor as the one she was in when I picked her up last night, with a sword hanging at her waist. It seems like the mud and dirt were washed off and the shiny surface is glittering brilliantly now.

Seeing her, Miyafuji Miya looks at me with her usual frown.


“Hey Rin, is that the female knight you were talking about? Humph, isn’t she quite a beauty…”(Miya)

Oh I see. She is beautiful.

It’s not just the armor, but it seems like the person herself has also taken a bath. Long silky hair and smooth glossy skin. The fragrance of shampoo and stone soap drift around. She looks even more beautiful than what I saw last night.

It’s nice but Krau’s face turned red for some reason.

She turned red from the neck up to the back of her ears last night as well…

“…Ku, Kill!”(Krauze)

And the familiar phrase. Referred to as “Kukkoro type[2]” by Princess Pau.

“Wha…what do you mean, Krau? And why are you blushing?”(Rinichirou)

Suddenly my tone becomes agitated, but when Krau has a reddened face like that, for some reason I feel charmed.

“Sh..Shut up! I’m not blushing! Leaving that aside, Rinichirou… an important matter has been decided, so I came to inform you.”(Krauze)

“An important decision?”(Rinichirou)

“That’s right… Born in the Royal Capital Adelven of The Holy Eis United Kingdom, serving as the RosebudKnight for Princess Paulirifa that is known as the ‘Sovereign Ranunculus’, I, Krauzera Lou Kotović, 16 years old, ──” (Krauze)

Krau’s face grows more red and she glares at me with teary eyes──but then she averts her gaze a little so her eyes won’t meet mine; with such complex expression, she raises her voice.

“──from now on, will be married to Rinichirou!” (Krauze)

“….What?” (Rinichirou)

Did I hear it wrong, perhaps?

Did Krau say she will be married to me…? Furthemore, from now on?

“Hey Krau, what are you sa-” (Rinichirou)

But Krau doesn’t even give me a chance to ask questions and firmly grabs hold of my arm.

“Come on Rinichirou! Let’s throw a wedding party in your house, right now!” (Krauze) 

“O…oi!? What’s going on!?” (Rinichirou)

She runs out of the classroom dragging me by the arm.

“Ah! Wait a sec, Rin!”(Miya)

Miya watches us leave while grinding her teeth.

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  1. JSDF – Japanese Self-Defense Force. I could explain it or you could just watch GATE.
  2. Kukkoro type, or maybe kukkoro-onna-kishi, probably a niche genre about “Humiliated knight girls.” You could guess what type of media has this genre. The name came from their cacthphrase 「……クッ、殺せ!」(… Ku, korose!) they say after being humiliated.

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