MLW – Chapter 10

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My Disciple is a Wannabe

“Because I’m one of those curious types, don’t beat around the bush and just tell me.”

“This village, it’s very weak in terms of defense. As it is, if there is a single evil magician who comes by, it’ll become a sea of flames in no time.”

“Well now, if you imagine the worst possible scenario, there’s no helping it.”

“However, that’s not all. If there’s an attack from the ground; no countermeasures could be taken against it. For example, if a large monster comes and rampages, it would immediately enter the village and destroy it, even if humans tried to stop it.”

As expected since Lecia was a dragon, I feel like she views everything from a battle perspective.

“Of course, I think of this village as a peaceful one right now, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll still be peaceful later on down the line.”

“Or, maybe you’re just thinking too deeply about this?”

I’ve lived here for 300 years and until now, because this village isn’t an important location, even if there is a war, I think it wouldn’t be a problem.

“However, it has only begun to spread recently that the strongest is Azusa-sama. People who try to use dirty tricks to defeat Azusa-sama will appear, such as taking the village as a hostage.”

After that Lecia coughed with a “kohon”, with her face turning into a slight shade of red.

“Of course, I, without doing such a cowardly thing, fought with Azusa-sama fair and square though……”

“Yeah. That makes sense.”

“Still, I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch up to you. However, the topic of a great witch has even reached my mountain which is more than 2 whole days away from this village.”


I must be cautious of the danger to the village that I caused. That sort of thing I can realize.

“Then, are you moving to the village? I don’t want to move so soon, especially after rebuilding the house……”

First of all, because I’m not Secom, I can’t do something like guard 24 hours a day. [1]

“I think you can take countermeasures.”


Although it’s embarrassing to ask one’s own disciple, it has been no more than a month that I realized that I was this strong. It can’t be helped since this is like the rookie training period.

“Let’s create a barrier using magic.”

“Can you do such a thing? Within my magic, I do not have such a spell.

My magic is as follows:

Teleportation・Levitation・Fire・Wind・Item Appraisal・Earth・Water・Lightning・Mind Control・Decurse・Detoxification・Magic Reflection・Mana Absorption・Language Comprehension・Shapeshifting・Magic Creation

There is nothing related to barrier…… supposedly.

“There was a magic called Magic Creation wasn’t there? Let’s create a barrier with one’s own work.”

Self-made! There is such a thing? Is it a DIY?[2] It’s the era of creating my own magic now.

“Is magic something that’s easy to create? It’s too all-purpose.”

“Normally such a thing is impossible. In the first place, the so-called Magic Creation magic itself is super advanced.”

As one would expect from a Level 99.

“It is extremely difficult to create a magic that never existed before, but I think there is a possibility if it is to create a barrier to protect the village. Let’s try it tomorrow.”

While thinking of this, it might have been good to take in a disciple.

After we ate a meal inside the restaurant ‘Elegant Eagle’ in the village, we returned to the newly reconstructed house.

The next day.

Leica and I arrived at a hill which overlooks the whole village.  Rather it’s close enough to my house it could be considered my neighborhood.

“If it’s around here you can cover every direction, right?”

Leica returned back to her dragon form and began scratching the ground with her claw. Certainly, at times like these, it’s more efficient to become a large dragon.

“Plowing like this in such a place, are you trying to create a field?” [3]

“That is wrong, Azusa-sama. This is a magic circle. Drawing a magic circle is more reliable for magic with long term effects.

Honestly, even I, who started using magic for the past month, have read that in a grimoire. Similar to attack-based magic, the temporary magic effect can be used for casting and, depending on the situation, even chantless.  In other words, it is magic that is good if used only when needed. On the other hand, magic such as one that shoots out flames daily is unnecessary.

However, for something long term like this barrier, if it is not effective, it’d be equivalent to a broken good, and it would be better to chant then use a magic circle. If there is no magic circle, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a failure, but rather the effect of 6 months would end in 3 days.

Since I was practically unaware that I could use various amounts of magic, I did not memorize the method to draw the small details of a magic circle, but because Leica drew a typical hexagon as a defense system, I wonder if this is alright?

“But, to think, even dragons are well-versed in magic too.”

“Being able to live for 300 years, isn’t it too wasteful to spend it leisurely? For the sake of improving myself, I studied magic.”

“Are you a wannabe?!”

I don’t possess the concept of self improvement.

If you are a corporate slave, instead your mindset will become one that thinks spending time leisurely is more important. In reality, if you continue to work for the company, you do not have the time to improve yourself.

“But now that I think about it, I used that time to continue defeating slime-like monsters. Somewhere I got conceited and neglected to gain experience.”

“Certainly if you become that strong, one’s motivation to fight disappears.”

Even if it was a human adventurer, it would be true.  I couldn’t imagine a Level 50 adventurer defeating a small slime. Perhaps, they would only be expected to fight large monsters like dragons. However, it isn’t common to fight with such a monster. As a result, levels will stagger to some extent.  Also, because it is common knowledge that humans have a prime, once past it, as one ages, one grows weaker.

On that note, I have the body of a 17 year old, therefore true experience can continue being accumulated.

“Finally, the magic circle is finished.”

Certainly, without a dragon, a magic circle of this size couldn’t be created.

“This… is it okay if I stand in the middle and start chanting?”

If you induced exceptional magic, it should become active.

“I think that’s best. Please think of a Master-like earth-shattering cool chant.” (TL: lol)

My disciple demanded in an absurd manner.

It was decided in advance when I discussed with Leica how to make the barrier. It was quite advanced, however, because I am Level 99, it will surely go well.

“Those whose hearts are tainted with evil, be deprived of freedom by this net. Let the magic of this net entangle them!……Ha!”

A sensation of power overflowing from my whole body occurred, and a golden light streaked towards the village, engulfing it — before suddenly disappearing.

“Is it a success with this?”

“Because Azusa-sama’s wishes descended onto the village, it is safe.”

Since my disciple said it was fine, it must be okay. If the peace of the village is preserved like this, I will also be happy.


1. TL: Secom is a Japanese security company (like ADT, etc.). 
2. TL: DIY = Do It Yourself (just in case you didn’t know)
3. TL: The Author uses “畑” for field, however it could also be translated as a small garden. We kept it as such instead of using farm.



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