MLW – Chapter 12

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Training with My Disciple

“Isn’t that due to the barrier’s reaction?”

That’s true, because I created the barrier today, this uneasy feeling must be from that. So far, in these 300 years, I never had this feeling even once.

If that’s the case, it’s better to go and check.

“Leica, I’m going towards the village.”

“I understand!”

I flew through the night sky, riding on top of Leica who had returned to her dragon form.

Once in front of the village, Lecia returned to her usual human form at the village gate. Then, we entered the village together.

Even from a distance, I noticed someone had made a bonfire.. It was safe to say, something had happened.

“Sorry, but, what’s happening?”

“Oh, it’s Witch-sama and Disciple-san!” [1]

“Please come over without delay.”

While such voices was flying about inside the circle of people, the village chief gave an explanation.

Although I might say that, because there was a man rolling around while tied up, I could predict it to a certain extent.

“That man came into the village with the cover of night, but suddenly lost his ability to move.”

I guess that would probably be the tied up man.

“As a result of some investigation, it is understood that recently there is a wanted thief who is devastating the nearby province. The thief even stole from the nearby town, apparently the thief was going to come strike this village too.

“Then, is this the effect of the barrier?”

“Yes. It’s all thanks to Witch-sama!”

I see, in regards to people with evil intentions, even to the extent of burglars, it still has such an effect.

“I was trying to steal something, searching around at the backdoor of the bar…… But, suddenly I encountered having my body being bound…… What exactly is this?”

The criminal confessed.

“After stealing from the bar, I was going to run away in the cover of night……”

Then, as expected it reacted to the precise wicked thought.

“Isn’t that good, Azusa-sama. It got positive results immediately!”

Leica was also delighted.

“Certainly, it was helpful for the village.”

However, in this case, it’s weird that only I am getting praised.

“Everyone in Furata Village, the person who proposed the barrier was Leica. In some way, please give Leica some praise as well!” (TL: ❤ I love Azusa)

From behind, I pushed Leica’s back.

The villagers’ line of sight turned towards Leica.

“As expected, Witch-sama’s disciple is a bit different.”

“If there’s a dragon with a good heart, it’ll be a tremendous help.”

“It’ll become more and more of a peaceful village to live in.”

That’s right, I want you to praise the disciple that I’m proud of more.

“N, no, the person who persisted to make this barrier was Azua-sama so…… I did nothing……”

Although Leica seemed embarrassed, but it’s no good if my disciple doesn’t get used it too.

“This is quite uncomfortable……”

“But, it isn’t a bad feeling so far, right?”

My education policy is “praise and improve.”

The reason why I do it is because when I was a corporate slave, I was disparaged and didn’t receive praise, and as a result, my frustration accumulated.

It happened for, at worst, a maximum of 5 years, however, despite being a witch for 300 years, even now, that memory remains strongly till today.

Basically, when humans are praised, they’re happy.

Of course, there are exceptions since there are various personalities, but excluding those.

One’s education might become bad if you only praised them, but I might as well do it when I have the chance. And if I become motivated, isn’t that an awfully good thing?

For the time being, there wasn’t any damage in the village; I was very thankful about that point.

Once I felt relieved, a yawn came out.

“Well then, please excuse us. Good night.”

“Um…… it is fine for you to say that a dragon is protecting against foreign enemies, because I will also protect the village that Azusa-sama loves…… Please excuse me.”

Lecia and I returned to our home.

“Azusa-sama, since the barrier activated today, perhaps it will need to be repaired tomorrow.”

“That’ll be tiresome……”

Afterwards, there was a story spread about a large defense barrier made around Furata village by a witch.

To be able to help protect the peace of the village is an honor.

Since the problem of the barrier was resolved, I accepted Leica as a genuine disciple.

Having said that, there isn’t really anything to teach.

I take Leica, who is in her human form, to stroll around the plateau.

So when a slime appears, it’s defeated.

Then it’s magic stones are collected right away.

That’s all.

However, my movement was fast.

When a slime entered line of sight, my hand had already moved.

Then, the slime is pierced swiftly with a finger.

With only that, the slime’s life will disappear.

Taking the magic stones that appear, I put them in the bag.

“Wonderful! That was a feat quicker than my eye could see!” (TL: assassin Azusa?)

“Although it may appear that way, for three hundred years I’ve continuously defeated slimes.“

I have no doubt when it comes to my slime defeating skills, they are first-class.Though it’s doubtful if I can brag about it.

“At first, if you are not conscious about the slime, it is not possible to defeat it. However, before I knew it, I reached the point where my body reacted to the slimes and defeated them. Thanks to that, my level went up gradually.”

“Understood. I shall make a great effort until the day I can stand my ground against Azusa-sama!”

When Leica spotted a slime, she quickly swung her hand to flick it.

Since Leica’s strength is considerable, whether hitting them with a hand or foot, they’re easily defeated.

“By the way Azusa-sama, how many slimes are we defeating a day?”

“Let me see… umm… 25? Ah, but because I have an effect that increases my exp acquired, in reality around 50?”

Well, I probably shouldn’t mention that I barely reached level 99 recently.(Because to get to level 99, the total sum of experience needed increases per level) In fact, there are probably more accurate numbers, however I don’t know how many it would be.

“I can be carefree if it’s only 50.. Surely, to get more blood pumping, I’d have to put in more effort……”

Indeed, most would say it isn’t a considerable amount of labour.

“But you know, because it isn’t a lot of effort, these 300 years I have never broken down. It is probably meaningful if you do something that anyone can do but nobody continues doing so.

This is an especially meaningful expression, however, since I have also done the exact same thing, it’s somewhat embarrassing.

“I see! As of to be expected of Azusa-sama! These words are magnificent!”

Nevertheless, because Leica was deeply impressed, it’s slightly more embarrassing.

However, even if I came along, that may be only one side of the truth. As a master, let’s talks about that.

“Well Leica, although you said great effort, such as getting your blood pumping, throw that thinking away.” (TL: savageeeeeeeeeeeee, lol jk #worldpeace)(Ed: Only a little xD)

“Huh? Why is that?”

Are my words paradoxical? Leica looks puzzled.

“It’s because it’s based on the premise of people making an assumption about your effort. When I use that expression, I think Leica will detect a little bit of my boastful meanings there.”

“E-Even if you say so……”

If one shows hard effort and training, the one has done such things will become enlightened giving rise to a better self.

This was somewhat inevitable.

To be frank, back when I was a corporate slave, I worked like this and was proud of myself. For example, I unconsciously thought that I was better than a person whom was languid, or a someone who was jobless.

Although, I can say with confidence it was a huge mistake.

“Understand, Leica? If you behave on the basis of feeling great about yourself, you’ll begin thinking things around you aren’t great, and it becomes intolerable. I’ve kept on for three hundred years because I didn’t evaluate things around me.”

“I see……”

The very serious Leica was intently listening.

“Because I like myself, because I want to do it, I’ll do it. This kind of feelings keep everything going. Understand?”

“After all, it was good that I chose Azusa-sama as my master. The scales have fallen from my eyes[2]! If you want to be strong, you must cast out the feelings of difference towards others, right?! So profound! What a profound creed!” (TL:What is this? The Azusa Theocracy?)

Somehow, I feel that my respect from my disciple has increased, but well, since I didn’t say anything wrong, I guess it’s fine.

That day, Leica defeated around 60 slimes, then finished training.

“Well, revenge of the slimes will never happen, so let’s definitely defeat it.”

(TL: over 9000 flags raised with one line)

I thought about it afterwards, but why did I make such a speech that might flag me……


[1]TL: If you haven’t noticed so far, all the villagers have always referred to Azusa as 魔女様 (Witch) which is a really polite honorifics, but also a fact that they respect and recognize as part of them, however, what’s more important is that they started referring Leica as お弟子さん (Discple), which implies that the villagers now accept Leica as a part of them. Just a side note for Leica fans. =)

[2]TL:(This one was about the scales falling from eyes, I.e. being able to see the truth or some jazz)



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    1. Perhaps, one could argue one way or another, like “discipline beats motivation”.
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      Either way – fighting slimes as a way to level up is just pure stupidity. How does slapping a none-challenging foe for 300 years had her learn how to create magic? The very core of this setting makes absolutely no sense.


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