MLW – Chapter 17

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Outing With My Daughters

On that day, after arranging various kinds of cooking onto a large platter, I listened to the various stories of my two daughters.

Although I say daughters, there are far more things that I don’t know. For the sake of understanding the two of them better, I must listen.

First off, where they lived.

“Cabin in the woods. Because I was born in the forest with Nee-san, we lived in an unused cabin.”

“After that when we left for the nearby town, the orphanage director  gave me money, with that I collected clothes, shoes, etc.~”

“It seems like I had the power to make a living as an adventurer, so because of that I earned money.”

“One Month Ten Thousand Gold Life~!”

Though they were modest, it seems like they have been living a proper life.

Next, slimes spirits, what were they in the end.

“I can actually extend my hair like a tentacle. My hair is green because of my slime like composition.”

“Farufa’s hair is blue, and Nee-san’s hair is green because of the spirits~”

“Other than that, there are no special features. However because we are spirits, is seems that we do not have a lifespan.”

“I see. You both are like this ~.”

I understood almost all of the two’s disposition.

Although status and the like is still unknown, it is faster to use the guild’s slate, though I don’t particularly expect my daughters to be strong in that respect. I say that, but I was talking about their registration as an adventurer.

“Nee, what sort of jobs did you do when you were an adventure?”

“Evil Slime Extermination I think~.”

What, is that.

“You see~, even slimes fall into two categories: good slimes and evil slimes~.”

So such categorization of good and evil exists for slimes as well.

“After defeating evil slimes, I sold one for 200 gold.”

Same lifestyle as me!

“I don’t kill the good slimes, of course.”

Is that so, like mother like daughter.
(TL: Should read footnote in order to understand the next line.) [1]

No, these children, because they were made from slimes, there is no way for them and me to be connected by blood.

I think I understand the bare minimum with this. I guess I will find out the rest as I go along.

“Now then, there are several rules in this house. Both of you, honor them!”


Instead of speaking out, Sharusha nodded her head in agreement.

“First, do your assigned chores properly. Things like cleaning or gardening.”


As expected, Sharusha only nodded her head in agreement once more.

Also, addressing Sharusha alone without honorifics is weird, and from now on Farufa as a daughter will be addressed without honorifics.

“I will decide the chores chart later. Also ………… anything else?”

I never had a daughter, so I’m not confident I covered everything.

“That’s right, since you didn’t go to school at all, shall we have some​ sort of education?”

“Nee-san sneaked into the town’s scholar’s house, there she read things like mathematical theses. After that she got along with the scholar.”

“Sharusha’s strong point is history, theology and geometry I guess~.”

Turns out, this side is less educated……

“Ah, that’s right, near here is a village called Furata Village, tomorrow, I’ll show you around. Because it’s the place I’m indebted to, the two of you, behave yourselves.”

This time both nodded their heads in agreement.

I walked to Furata Village with Leica and my two daughters.

Since only I could use levitation, it became necessary to walk. Even so, I wanted to teach them the path to the village.

On the way, the slimes blocked the way again, so we drove them off.

I can easily beat them at this level but.

“Mama, you can kill the slimes. Farufa didn’t care about it from the start, it seems like Nee-san is okay with it too.”

“Un………… Kaa-san.”

Since I gained permission, I moderately killed slimes and gathered magic stones.

Rather, my household has became four people, it became necessary to gather more magic stones than what I have so far to earn a living.

“These slimes are evil.”

“Yeah, Farufa thought so too! To finish off the evil slimes and purify the world–!”

While saying those words, the two were killing slimes.

“You know….. evil or not, can you tell? How can you differentiate……”

Sharusha entered the tall grass and caught one slime and brought it back.

Did you notice it hiding there? It seems her ability to capture slimes is master level.

“Well, the basics are that slimes in the Nanterre province are darker in color. But even still, they’re rather pale.”

“No, this is the first time hearing about such basics.”

“The ones that have a lighter color had their heart tainted by evil, so it’s better to exterminate them.”

“I-is that so…… that is rather informative……”

“The slime has an “acupuncture” weak point dayo~. If you poke there, the slime will die immediately.”

Farufa lightly poked the slime that Sharusha was holding,

“This slime is dead~!”

The slime suddenly vanished.


Somehow, because they were former slimes, I feel that they have no mercy for slimes.

While having such an exchange, we arrived at Furata Village.

Today’s objective is to introduce my two daughters.

By the way, I am planning to convey that they are slime spirits. The two of them, more or less, also hold special powers and I thought it was better to let them know in advance.

But, then again the story is becoming more confusing. (TL: Leica’s story then this.)

First of all, when we passed by the greengrocer at the village entrance.

“Ah, Mama, there are various fruits over there~!”

Farufa said in full of spirits.

The shop owner’s wife heard that voice.

“Eeh! Witch-sama, you had a child! And in addition to that…… it’s twins!”

Aah, it’s that sort of reaction.

“Eeh, both of them are my daughters. It’s just, they were born in a special way.”

I told her that these two were spirits.

Like how spirits and witches were different, so are spirits to normal humans. Telling her that way in advance, it’s expected for the two of them to have an easy life thanks to it.

Reducing the amount of things that can be misunderstood.


1. TL: VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE NEXT LINE. The phrase used here 血は争えない means “like father like son,” (Ed: changed to like mother like daughter.) however, the literal meaning of the words mean “to not oppose one’s blood” (as in your family nature based through blood).



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  1. Wait what? “Farufa’s hair is blue, and Nee-san’s hair is green because of the spirits~”
    This sentence confuses me. Wasn’t Farufa the elder sister of the two slime spirit twins? So if Farifa’s hair is blue, and that “Nee-san’s hair is green” it then means that her hair wasn’t blue but in fact green, but then we also arrive to the point where the little sister’s hair color wasn’t stated.
    I feel like this sentence was mistranslated. So, which of the two has blue hair and which one has green hair?


  2. “Mama, you can kill the slimes. Farufa didn’t care about it from the start, it seems like Nee-san is okay with it too.”
    Wait, this sentence was said by Farufa… so she’s not the elder sister of the two anymore?

    However, a bit earlier were these sentences:
    “Nee-san sneaked into the town’s scholar’s house, there she read things like mathematical theses. After that she got along with the scholar.”

    “Sharusha’s strong point is history, theology and geometry I guess~.”

    So who said what? I’m so confused right now.

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