MLW – Chapter 20

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It was poisonous to monsters

I led the daughter of the elves into my living room.

My two daughters,

“It’s Elf-san――!”

“As expected, their ears are long. By the way, the earwax of southern elves is dry, and wet for northern elves.”

They said and entered the room together.

Sharusha seemed to be knowledgeable about elves and geography, so I let her explain.

“Well then, please introduce yourself first. You only know that I’m the Witch of the Plateau, so I’ll tell you my name. I’m the witch, Azusa Aizawa.”

“I come from a small Elven region in the Frant province. I’m Harukara……”

Frant Province, I caught that name from the book that Sharusha was reading.

“I, taking advantage of the various herbs around my area, am living as an apothecarist…… In short, it is a similar occupation to that of a witch.”

Both have long life spans, both can brew medicine from plants, and so on. Certainly, they are relatively similar.

Furthermore, in this case, there are no obvious differences between a witch and an apothecary.

To put things bluntly, there are no problems if I called myself a medicine doctor.

To affirm my point, there are cases wherein witches used things like animal intestines or blood.

Although, it differs from an elf apothecarist, who almost only uses plants for their job, and don’t seem to make use of special types of minerals.

However, I don’t use such animal parts too often, so I think that my job is exceedingly close to a medicine doctor.

Leica served herbal tea according to the number of people. Including my two daughters’ portions, the total was four peoples’ portions. Sorry for disturbing you while you were cooking.

“I understand your occupation, but why is an apothecarist being chased by Beelzebub?”

As far back as I can think, there was no relationship between the two.

“Actually, if I do say so myself, I, am on the side within the profession that earns quite a bit, and I often collect effective mushroom and plant ingredients. I created an alcoholic drink called “Nutritious Alcohol.”[1]

I wonder if it’s sake mixed with medicine.

“Because of that, this “Nutritious Alcohol,” even if one got tired, if they drank it, one can get through their work. It became popular in many places, and it became a big hit. With the elven community altogether mass producing one bottle for 5000 gold, but production could not keep up, so the community built the Nutritious Alcohol Palace reluctantly~.

Well, bragging is okay, but please let us return to the matter at hand.

“By the way, this is it.”

Harukara-san took out a small bottle.

This appearance, and the feeling I got from the story, is it not a nutrient drink……?

Because I used to drink regularly, but this story hurt my ears……. When I worked long overtimes, I gulped one glass……[2]

“When the ‘Nutritious Alcohol’ was offered to be sold, it garnered attention from a long ways yonder. Because of that, customers for whom the product was not originally intended appeared ……”

So Harukara-san was troubled.

“This high leveled demon named Beelzebub, are they actually a demon……? It seemed that they came to obtain and drink it……”

“What would they do after drinking it?

“ Although, at any rate, humans, and elves were filled to the brim with motivation that manifested as physical strength, and with monsters, it seemed to be poisonous…… So after taking a dose, they’ll be sick after a few minutes, with symptoms such as a high fever and barely avoiding hell……”

Although it doesn’t seem like high-level demons can pass through hell, it doesn’t mean that’s actually the case?

“In other words, you incurred the wrath of Beelzebub, who had come back to life.”

“That’s right! It seems like if he doesn’t manage to kill the person who created the position, he’ll be furious…… He even scattered wanted posters in the Demonic Language across the lands  belonging to the humans and the elves……”

She took out one piece of paper, but because Demonic Language was something special and not widespread, I couldn’t read it.

Then Sharusha made an appearance.

“Please. Catch. The woman who created. The sake “Nutritious Alcohol.” An extravagant. Reward. will be offered―― it’s read like that if you pick at it word by word.”

As expected, Sharusha is knowledgeable. It seems like it certainly is a wanted poster.

“All the employees ran away in fear, but I was forbidden to stay in the village……Thus, I came all the way to Witch-san’s place…… Please――! Please save me――!”

She left her seat, stood, and then Harukara-san prostrated herself before me.

“Although I understand your troubles…… This… if things don’t go well, a total war with the demons might be the result……?”

No matter how you put it, I cannot handle such a thing.

“Well, it seems that the elves of the villages within the province felt endangered. It has already become an opinion that they should just turn in the elf apothecary…… I do not have a place where I belong!”

Yet, she already has no place to return, let alone as a criminal…… Speaking of pity.. she is pitiful.

“Elf Onee-san is pitiable……”

“No place to return; it’s hard to look at that fact……”

My two daughters also showcased their sympathies. With this, I can’t just tell her to leave. It’d set e a bad example for my daughters.

However, I will not fight Beelzebub for this person’s sake.

It would be troubling if I put my daughters and Leica in peril No matter how strong I am, generally speaking, there is a limit for a single individual to fight something like an organization or entire country.

I’ll need to reach a compromise

Fuu, I sighed.

“I understand. We will save you. Since you came all the way here, it cannot be helped.”

“Thank you very much――!”

As it is, Harukara-san came to hug me. This person, excessive body touching……”

“But, I do not feel like confronting Beelzebub. You will take shelter in this house. After that, let’s observe the situation from afar until things cool down.”

Someway or another, this person will eventually be discovered

“So that means I can’t leave this building……?

“No, you do not have to be that careful, but if you were found out, I would be troubled, so let’s create a fake name, create a disguise, and whatever we can to hide your identity.”

Fortunately, this person has an occupation similar to my own. Furthermore, because it is a long-lived elf, there would be practically no uncomfortable feeling from them being in my house.

I took out my extra robe.

“When you go out, please wear this robe. You are now a Witch of the Plateau’s second disciple.”

Like this, I decided that this wanted person would be my fake disciple.

In addition, the robe matched her size…….

“Excuse me, the size is a bit tight……”

Her boobs and ass were getting squished. how shameless.

That is, I have no choice but go to the village and receive a made one.


1. TL: You do know what sake is right? Well if you don’t know, sake is rice wine (Japanese alcohol), with one of the highest alcoholic levels in the world.
2. TL:  耳が痛い(Mimigaitai) which literally means “my ears hurt,” but this is also an expression for when someone says something which one wants to reject. For example, listening to someone talk about something stupid they did, and the person hears it and can relate (because they did it before), they would use the phrase “my ears hurt,” because they are having a painful time hearing the story because it keeps reminding them of their own actions.



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