MLW Chapter 23


Translators: DCVoidsWrath, flowingcloud    Editors: Isalee, Momielxai    Proofreader: Merp_berk

There was Poison


“There are still more edible mushrooms to eat. Next is the Rainbow Flower Hat Mushroom~” [1]

At any rate, Harukara kept grilling a great variety of mushrooms.

They grew in a variety of colors, to the extent that I thought that the deeper parts of the forest were just as colorful.

This seasoning called Elvin was similar to soy sauce in taste and was roughly identical to it as well. Each mushroom that Harukara appraised had a different texture, so it was really interesting.

“Nevertheless, it is my fault that I didn’t recognize there were many edible mushrooms here. This forest is a treasure trove of ingredients.”

“That’s right—. Elves do not live in the forest just for show. The mushrooms are both feasible for medicine and safe for eating—! Fufufufu!”

Harukara was in high tension. Certainly, grilling it outside and then eating it made it feel like a party.

“I think that this Harukara shall teach you the method to maximize the utility of this forest’s blessings, so please treat me well. Fufufufu!”

“That’s a nice idea! Everyone, rejoice!”

We had no sake, so we tapped our canteens together as a replacement for a toast.

“Well, the mushrooms are so tasty. My daughters and Leica needs to experience these as well.”

“Eeh, since it’s only this much, with my knowledge I can guide you as much as you want! Fufufufufufufufu!”

“Hey, Harukara, you’re laughing too much~”

“That’s true, isn’t it~. I also think I’m laughing a lot~.  But I just can’t stop~. Fufufufufu!”

Oh? What does she mean by ‘can’t stop’?

“Um, Harukara…… did you perhaps eat a poisonous mushroom?”

“That’s ridiculous. I’m a mushroom expert, you know. I have some knowledge on mushrooms. This is the light-brown darkness mushroom, don’t you agree? This here is the Benimusume Mushroom. As for this, this is the poisonous Ushi no Hohoemi Mushroom, right?”

“That’s clearly a poisonous one!”


For a little while, Harukara stood still.

“Darn~, is that so, is that so? Even with my knowledge, the assortment turned out to be messy, so I made a mistake and ate the poisonous mushroom that was mixed in~. Fufufufufufufu!”

“Even though you have the knowledge, you can’t you use it properly!”

Well, sloppy people tend to put in the bad ones indiscriminately. There was such a problem……?

“I mean, are you fine after ingesting poison? Isn’t it better for you to spit it out……?”

“Aah, the effect only makes you laugh, so there’s no problem~. I’ll only laugh for an hour at most~. Fufufufu.”

It was rather unpleasant since the way she laughed wasn’t a hearty laughter, but more like a creepy smile. Well, it looks like it wasn’t called the Ushi no Hohoemi Mushroom for nothing.

“I haven’t had any outbreak of symptoms, so it must’ve been the one I haven’t eaten yet. I haven’t put my hands on this one yet for sure.”

“Well, I guess. Fuu.”

Somehow, it came across as a conceited laugh.

“It’s dangerous, you know. Could you check the mushrooms?? You made a considerable amount of different mushroom dishes with them.”

“ Let’s check everything then. The Island Wave Mushroom has no poison. The Citrus Aurantium Thin Mushroom has no poison. Triangle Chestnut Mushroom has poison.”

“Something poisonous is mixed in again!”

“Uaaah! It’s true! I got it from the medical section!”

I wonder if it’s fine for such a sloppy person to create medicine……

“This is something I have yet to eat. Is it a blessing in disguise?”

“I had one.”

She was like a person who lived her life as a walking biological experiment.

Furthermore, even when her voice didn’t come out, due to the effects of the poison, Harukara was smiling.

“What kind of symptoms will come out of this……?”

“It does not cause an addiction like drugs, but a moderate euphoria is given to the mind and body. There were cases where awfully depressed people were prescribed medicine with one part of the mushroom ground into powder mixed in. Yet, if a large amount was taken, it is said to have an aphrodisiac effect.”

“Is it ok?”

Actually, I can convert kanji, but I had hoped that I heard her wrong.

“It means that there will be a temporary period of lewd feelings―――― that.”

*Jiii~*, Harukara stared at me.

Harukara drew one step closer.

I felt scared, so I took a step back.

“Why are you retreating, Master?”

“Because there’s the danger of the poison in you.”

Harukara put her finger on her chest, and made a gesture similar to emphasizing her breast.

“Master, I… won’t you do good things with me……?”

“I refuse!”

The poison was certainly taking effect.

I ran and fled. I sensed a crisis approaching!

Naturally, Harukara followed.

“It’s alrightー! It will absolutely feel goodー!”

“It’s because that isn’t the norm!”

I’m glad that I didn’t bring Farufa and Sarusha along……. It would be terribly bad for their education, and if she attacked my daughters, it wouldn’t be a joking matter anymore…….

As a matter of fact, since it was only running away, it’d be an easy victory for me due to levitation magic, but it’d probably be bad for a lewd elf with an outrageous body to be let loose in the forest.

It could also be said that I was responsible as her supervisor since I was her master; if they were to encounter beast-hunters from the village, they would also have the problem of protecting Harukara’s chastity.

I had no choice but to run away since she was in pursuit.

“Please wait, Master!”

“In a sense, I’m saved by the fact that I’m a female, my disciple……”

If I were a man, I wouldn’t deny the possibility of giving into desire. Overall, she looked very lithe, and had a body where the exposed parts were sticking out.

On the contrary, my body was not advantageous for exercising, so while repeatedly checking behind me, I was certainly seducing Harukara.

Speaking of why I was checking out her body, it was because the forest was extremely dangerous.

Suddenly, Harukara’s face disappeared out of sight.

“Uaah! I’ve fallen, I’ve falle- Hyauuー!”

Harukara lost her footing, then her body fell towards the slope.

She probably would’t die since it was dirt, but she might sprain her ankle, or get a scratch.

“Good grief……”

Immediately I returned, held out my hand, and grabbed ahold of Harukara’s hand.

Speed: 841

It was only possible to do this because of this amazing and extraordinary status.

“I narrowly escaped death…… Master……”

“She’s quite the troublesome disciple……”

“For saving me this way, as expected, Master loves me……?

“Is the poison still in effect……?”

After the poison had faded, Harukara was kowtowing, bowing her head repeatedly.

“I’m truly sorry, I’m sorry! I have caused you trouble!”

“It is true that you had troubled me. However, it can’t be helped to talk about what has already happened, so I’ll forgive you this time.”

“Thank you very much!”

Harukara put on a smile.

She was a pharmacologist [2] that had made many mistakes, but her smile was definitely hard to hate.

“Moreover, if you’re in trouble, call me.”

“Call for you for what?”


Harukara turned pale and said, “Pardon me for that!”


1. TL: ハナガサニジイロダケ: ハナガサ = flower hats used in dancing, ニジイロ = rainbow, ダケ = mushroom

2. ED: Pharmacologist- people who are certified in the science that studies and produces knowledge about medications



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