MLW – Chapter 25

Translators: Flowingcloud, DCThanatos    Editors: Momielxai, Isalee, Matty, Suya    Proofreader: Matty, Suya    TLC(s): N/A


It Seems That Her Identity was Revealed


First order of things, let’s head down the main street of the village where the shops are lined up side-by-side.

Whenever I saw someone, I greeted them, one after another, “Good morning” followed by another “Good morning” and so on. I felt like a campaigning politician before an election.

Of course, exchanging pleasantries with them was not my actual goal; it was to introduce Harukara to the villagers.

First, I found a Granny pedestrian.


“Good morning.”

“My, my, Witch of the Plateau, good morning-jya.” 


In Furata Village, there was not a single human who did not know of me as the Witch of the Plateau, so I could greet everyone rather easily.

The approval rating is 100%. This should only be possible in a dictatorship, but it is the result of the trust that I’ve built up over the past 300 years.


“Today, I have come to introduce my new Elven disciple, Akikana.”

“I-I am Akikana…… I create medicine –! I’ll do my best –!”

“Ooh, an Elf-san. What an unusual sight for my eyes. My best regards-jya.”


Alright, one person down.

If I repeat this with everyone, Akikana will surely settle in with the locals of Furata Village. Everyone will eventually become accustomed to the presence of a new strange elf.

By the way, Akikana is an alias. If I introduced her as Harukara, there’s a risk that she might be recognized from the wanted posters.

Strangely enough, in the middle of the meet and greets, the mood around us took a weird turn.  

Two of the male villagers we encountered reacted weirdly. At first, I did not understand why, but I eventually came to realize the cause. All of the males leered at Harukara’s chest. Even I remember their intense allure.

On the way there, an old man commented, “S-such breasts..! I’ve never seen them this big around here……”, and a young boy exclaimed, “Onee-chan, your breasts are so big!”, so I’m fairly certain of it. 


“Hey, do men like looking at breasts that much..? Even when they’re not spilling out…….?”


Is a 100% approval rating even possible? This should only be possible in a dictatorship, so shouldn’t at least 1 in 10 people be immune to big breasts?


“Aah…… It’s like this…… Being stared at, I understand it now. It’s embarrassing to be gawked at by men, but…… it seems to be my fate (to be looked at), so……”


Harukara seemed to have given up. It looks surprisingly difficult to have breasts as large as hers.

Still puzzled by the open ogling done by the males, we entered the village’s General Store. This is the shop where I always peddle my medicine. I’m introducing Harukara here in the hopes of selling her medicine as well.

There was no particular reason for him to refuse, and so it was agreed that her medicine would also be sold here.


“I am Akikana, an Elf Apothecary. Please treat me well — here are the pills I created. This one is effective in the digestive system as a nutritional supplement.”

The shop uncle replied with, “Alright. If it’s from the Witch of the Plateau’s disciple, I’m sure it’ll sell.”


For whatever reason, the old man’s expression became one of concern.


“Um, young lady…… you’re an Apothecary, right…? About how long have you been in your line of work?”

“Aah, perhaps you’re skeptical of the medicine since she only just became my disciple!? Although she only recently became my disciple, she’s been an Apothecary for at least dozens of years!”

“Is–.. is that so…… In other words, she’s a long-lived elf who is an experienced Apothecary……”


What’s with this kind of interrogating mood? What’s so suspicious about her?


“By the way, what province is she from?”

“Frant Province, but….”

“I see…… No, please don’t worry about it…… Surely, I must be mistaken. Her description is different, so……”


I’d very much like to know what it is, but it’d bring unnecessary trouble if I were to ask, so I quietly made my way out of the store.


“Well, now that we’ve completed our main objective, we just have to greet the rest of the villagers and return home.”

“Right… Um, just now, I felt like he was prying too deeply into my background…… like asking what province I’m from……”

“Maybe he was curious about your dialect? You see, there are regional differences, each carrying a distinct intonation. Haha……”


As we greeted more people, I noticed some were staring indiscriminately at Harukara.

Up until now, all the males had their sights directed at her breasts, but this time, even the females were staring.

Something feels.. off…… Furthermore, the change occurred on such short notice.

Finally, we went to the guild to pay our greetings.


“Natalie-san, good morning. Today I’ve come to introduce my disciple.”



For some reason, Natalie-san stood up and began backing away from us.

What’s with that reaction…? It’s as if she just saw a ghost……


“Ah, I’m Akikana, an Elf Apothecary…… I hope you’ll treat me well from now on……”

“Wait, aren’t you the creator of the “Nutritious Alcohol” produced in the Frant Province……?”

“Ah~, you know a lot~. Well~, I’m a bit impressed you know about such a distant place~.”

“Actually, to be honest with you, an adventurer mentioned this at the guild just this morning…”


The thing that Natalie took out was —- a Turn In Harukara to Us wanted poster (However, it had been translated from Demonic Language into Human Language).


<Wanted: Harukara, a female Elven Apothecary from the Frant Province who made a product called ‘Nutritious Alcohol’. Currently missing from the Frant province. Physical features: very large breasts. Those who turn her in will be rewarded 15,000,000 gold. -The Demon Beelzebub>


“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It spreeeeeeaaaad!!!!!!!”


Harukara cried out. I also cried out.

So, everyone’s interested in Harukara……. Perhaps they thought it was her because she’s an Elf……. Good thing I gave her a pseudonym.


“Well, Frant Province’s Elf. Coincidences exist. Since their names are different, my disciple and Harukara are not one and the same..”


The strategy now is to dissuade all suspicious people with a show of force.


“Y-yeah… Tha–…I guess you’re right…”

“By the way, the adventurer who brought this wanted poster, where did he or she go?”

“There was an elf hurrying through the village a little while ago. He might’ve thought that she left for a different village.”


Did we just miss the adventurer?

This is a blessing in disguise, but it won’t be long until she gets discovered here……

It is now imperative that we come up with more countermeasures.




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  1. Probably better to skip the disguise at this point and go. “Harukara is my disciple. Whoever targets her will be the enemy of the Witch of the Plateau.” It will scare most of the villagers that way.


    1. Its not the villagers that will be the problem. Most know not to mess with a Dragon beating, all power full 300 year old Level 99 witch. It will be the ones that come for the bounty that will be sent flying.

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