MLW – Chapter 26

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Beelzebub Countermeasures


As soon as Harukara and I left the village, we both returned to our residence immediately.

So far, I believe that knowledge of her physical appearance has been circulating……  My tactic of having people believe she was my disciple seems to have backfired.

“First of all, for the time being, you are forbidden from going out. Although it’s a relief that knowledge of your appearance was only minimally spread,  you’re still the only elf around; so it’s possible that you’ll be under suspicion. For the meantime, avoid contact with the people in the village.”

“Yes…… I will be careful……”

When Harukara returned home, she was trembling.

“He isn’t coming, right……? Beelzebub and the rest of them aren’t coming, right……?”

“Come now, it’ll all be ok. No one in the village asked, ‘Are you that Harukara?’, right? One way or another, we dodged the question. At least… let’s hope so……”

Nevertheless, it was still dangerous.

“Leica, could you evacuate my daughters to your home?”

“Yes, I was thinking of saying that.”

Leica said, and I was truly relieved.

“Then, please.”

I planned to protect Harukara, but having said that, it was also necessary to try and protect my daughters from any harm. If I can’t protect everyone, then I will have failed.

“Kaa-san, Sharusha also wants to fight……”

With a face deep in thought, Sharusha came over to me.

“Before, I tried to kill Kaa-san and because of that, I want to protect Kaa-san this time—”

I hugged Sharusha firmly.

“Thank you, Sharusha. However, your feelings alone make me happy. You are my daughter, and protecting her daughter is a mother’s job.”

“But, Beelzebub is very dangerous; I’ve read it in a book……”

Then, Farufa ran over.

She took Sharusha’s hand.

“Sharusha, can’t you see? Mama is troubled! Sharusha, it may seem like filial piety, but it’s not filial piety at all!”

As expected, although her speech is usually childish, Farufa is an older sister.


Sharusha yielded.

“Azusa-sama, the opponent is a high-level demon. You might want to strengthen the barrier even more. A barrier to repel demons is taught by humans, I think you can create a similar one with Magic Creation.”

“Nice idea Lecia. If that’s the case, it is one of the things I read about in the grimoires.”

“Then I’ll turn back into a dragon and head for my parent’s home. Sorry to trouble you Azusa-sama, but please come and contact me to confirm your safety. It’s for safety measures.”

“Yeah. I understand. Have a good day.”

The prepared lunch was not eaten, and the three people left the residence in a hurry, then flew away. Because of that, there were small insects flying near the lunch. The part that was not eaten, can be frozen with ice magic.

When I left my residence, I put up a surrounding barrier to repel demons.

“If there’s a high-leveled demon, it might be able to break through, but it’ll be okay since they would have to waste their energy .”

I also have a cheat level here. It will be effective to some degree.

Nothing particularly happened during the day or even at night. Maybe they wouldn’t come and attack right away?

“At this rate, I hope we don’t get attacked. ”

“That’s been said since long ago, but it seems like demons are more active during the night. Perhaps that’s when they’ll come……”

“Gee…… If it’s like that, I can’t sleep properly……”

During dinner, there was also no attack. Is there nothing today? Still, the flies are buzzing around, but in this world, we left it alone since there’s pesticide. After the meal, Harukara drank the “Nutritional Alcohol”. In a sense, Harukara is like a culprit that has been cornered down.

“It’s becoming a habit to drink at night……”

Although the vial was quite heavy, when Harukara came, the case was inside her baggage. It’s selling these that got her into trouble.

“Harukara, please sleep in my room today.”

“N-no way, Master’s into women……?”

“If you’re separated from me, it’ll be harder for me to protect you!”

Since I find it pretty easy to fall asleep, Harukara could end up being attacked while I sleep.

“I-is that it?…… I’m sorry……”

Harukara’s bed was moved over to my room, next to mine. As one would expect, it’s bad if there was only one bed. It’d be truly cramped.

Harukara’s sleep-talking was extremely noisy that night.

“Eh~, Melon sized? That’s over exaggerated~. At most, they’re as big as oranges~. My butt’s peach sized, just kidding~.”

What’re you dreaming about?! There’s no sense of urgency!

The next day, as well as the one after, there were no movements. That itself is a very nice thing, but it’s a burden to know that it’s never absolutely safe. For how long would this lifestyle continue?

Haruka also drank “Nutritious Alcohol” that evening.

Drinking it at night has become Harukara’s daily routine. It seems one can endure staying up all night from drinking it. I sat up all night without sleeping.

“Puha—! As expected, as long as I have ‘Nutritional Alcohol’’, I feel like I could fight at night as well!”

Although one might say to battle, please pardon me from fighting Beelzebub.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“It’s because my medicine-making philosophy is to create something I would like to try myself. Besides, isn’t Master drinking it as well? There’s a considerable amount that drinks yours.”

“What? I don’t drink it though.”

Because relying on energy drinks reminded me of my corporate slave days, I kept a distance from them.

“No, that wouldn’t be true. With the exception of the last few days, I have decreased my pace to one a day. I already don’t have any in stock, so tomorrow, I have to make use of my own medicinal plants.”

“Eh……? I really didn’t drink it though……”

“You-you’re kidding, right……?”

“It’s not a joke. I wouldn’t tell a joke at such a time.”

Harukara and I looked at each other.

Our faces were both quite blue.

Don’t you feel like something terribly bad is happening?

—- then, there was a Po~~~~n, and something flew by.

It’s a bug. By the way, there have been bugs in the room for the last few days.

After looking closely, the small-winged insect was a fly.

I had a strange, unpleasant feeling.

“Hey, Beelzebub’s not a fly, right?”

“That’s right, although I am not familiar with it, it’s called the lord of flies.”

“Then it couldn’t be………………………………………… that fly?”




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