MLW Chapter 27

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Beelzebub Had Come Already


“Then couldn’t they be………………………………………… that fly?”


I timidly pointed at that fly.


“W-well perhaps……it’s just a “dirt fly”. It’s an inferior organism that hangs around horse feces…… It doesn’t have body hair like a demon does……”


“Exactly WHO is the inferior organism-jya?”


“Master, please stop talking in such a weird voice! It’s putting me on edge…… Please make jokes at a more peaceful time!”


“Eeh? I didn’t say anything. I don’t have the skills to project such a voice.”


“If that’s the case, then t-that voice just now……”


Harukara’s eyes turned to the fly.


It’s hard to watch the fly since it keeps buzzing around.


“That’s right-jya. It’s me-jya.”


Right after that declaration, there was a puff of white smoke–

A young woman who looked like a distinguished female knight appeared.

She was wearing a close fitting skirt with slits, but it may be more appropriate to compare it to a leotard. She was also wearing a leather belt, complete with a sword, which was the opposite of what you’d expect the daughter of a noble to wear. She sort of resembled a cosplay of an evil female businesswoman.


As for her appearance, she had distinctly long, beautiful silver hair and brown skin.


She looked similar to my age, so judging by that, she must be a high-school student. However, this is a world in where it’s futile to judge one’s age by their appearance; It’s hard to say whether she is young or not.


“My name is Beelzebub-jya. Would you further introduce yourselves?”


For this person to appear out of the blue……

But Beelzebub is a woman? That’s a strange name, even if it’s not specific to a gender.


“Aah, because I can change into a fly, I am known as the Lord of Flies. So sorry for being an inferior organism. Allow me to give my apologies.”


Beelzebub placed her hands across her chest and gave a courteous bow.

Could it be that she’s the type of person who will understand if you try to reason with her? No, this has to be a sarcasm. A fellow with such a courteous attitude has to be a wicked person. I can’t let my guard down.


“Hiii, Hiii… Uhm, the inferior organism was just a figure of speech. I would never dare to call the great Beelzebub such a thing… My expression meant n-nothing in the slightest…”


Harukara seemed to have fallen from shock. Or perhaps I should say, she seemed unable to stand, and sunk down to the floor on the spot.


“No, no. I do not particularly mind if you call me an inferior organism. Well then, that makes me wonder what type of existence an elf must be; if one of their kind can become so frightened by an inferior organism like me?”


“W-we elves are like dust… we-we’re not even so lofty as to be considered fodddeeerrr…”


Even though you’re saying this to save your own skin, you’re slandering the entire elvish race!


“I’ve come a long way to chase that dust-jya”


Without hesitation, Beelzebub pulled out an extravagant feather fan, and proceeded to fan herself. A sweet fragrance of fruit pervaded the room, probably due to that folding fan-like accessory.


“I like the fragrance of overripe fruits, so I like to use this fan which permeates such a smell-jya. By the way, this isn’t the smell of rotting fruit. A rotten smell of decay is my favorite. Although I’ve said something like that, flies and dirt flies may be similar, but don’t confuse the two.”


Whether she is actually a fly or not, it’s really hard to understand this fellow.


“You were lurking in this house before I reinforced the barrier.”


I didn’t expect her to intrude so early. Nevertheless, as a result, my two daughters and Lecia have already taken shelter, which is good news, but…


“It’s like this-jya. The rumor that an elf was taking refuge here immediately reached my lair. Flies love human rumors and fragrant fruits… I, in no way, like putrid stenches.”


Flies are referred to as lovers of decomposing things, do you care?


“Well, Witch of the Plateau, I have no particular business with you. Since it took me great pains to journey here, you can have the honor of serving me tea. Since you aren’t my servant, however, I’ll leave the judgment of what type of tea to serve to you. My business here is with–”


With a glare, Beelzebub’s gaze focused on Harukara who was still unable to stand upright, due to her being stricken by terror.


“Harukara. Since you’re always on the run, it took me some time to locate you. But I believe it was worth it in the end, don’t you agree?”


“Hii, hii! Pl-please spare me! I’ll do anything!”


“Umu, you’ll do anything, right? I heard those exact words from you.”


Beelzebub giggled as she positioned the fan to cover her mouth.


Ah, according to how the conversation is going, she’ll probably say something along the lines of, “Then, die.”


It can’t be helped. Even if it is for a brief period, a disciple is a disciple.


I stepped between them and held out my arms to interject.


“If you want to harm my disciple, you’ll have to go through me, her master, first.”

I gave off a fearless smile. Although this isn’t a situation where I really feel like smiling, for my disciple, I have no choice but to put on a brave face.


On the opposing side, Beelzebub’s face became sullen.


“Are you going to impede me? Are you going to obstruct my path? Well, it’s good that I came prepared.”


“It would appear that my disciple doesn’t wish to speak with you any further, so would you kindly leave?”


“If you demand me to leave, then isn’t it only natural that I would want to stay?”


Transparent wings sprung out from Beelzebub’s back.

They’re beautiful, but they’re in the shape of an insect’s(wings).


“This is an ideal situation. My arms were beginning to weaken from lack of battle. You must be very confident in your abilities. Let us have a bout.”


“I’ve been training for three hundred years by defeating slimes.”


“A mere three hundred years? The time you’ve lived is only a tenth of mine.”


The enemy seems to have lived for 30 centuries. Still, it’s only 3,000 years. It’s short compared to China’s 4,000 years of history. If that’s the case, in all likelihood, I’ll be fine.


It’s possible to take her on.

Alright, I’ll claim victory and resolve this matter as peacefully as I can.


It’s my first time battling a high-level demon, but I have no choice but to follow through with it.


“U-um, Witch of the Plateau-san, no, Master… i-is this really okay…?”

I glanced behind me.

“A disciple should act like one and keep quiet. It is the role of the master to take responsibility for the mistakes of the disciple.”


However, this Beelzebub seems to be a tough customer who doesn’t accept apologies. I have no choice but to try to resolve this situation by force.


“Um, Beelzebub, if I win, please don’t send for any of your subordinates to attack me, alright?”

“That sort of thing won’t happen. As for my visit here, it’s just one of my personal hobbies-jya. I came straight here from my remote home-jya.”

“Ah~that’s good. Then, there’s nothing to worry about.”


If I defeat Beelzebub here, my disciples and I can live happily ever after.


“You, I don’t want to battle in such an environment. This building will be damaged if I were to show my might. Let us fight outside.”


Oh, I understand. I’m grateful.

I won’t have to worry about anything being damaged.


“I accept your proposal. Let us fight fair and square.”



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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Out of curiosity, seeing how this recently got a manga adaptation is there any possibility that you might look into translating it? The art style for it is incredibly adorable so it’s something I’d love to see translated.


      1. I’d definitely offer to help if I was at all capable of redrawing, but I’ve tried that and it’s definitely not my strong point.

        Also, there’s a Beelzebub spinoff novel apparently, I hadn’t actually noticed it when looking at the page for the manga. If you’ve yet to see either of them they’re both here on gangan’s site,

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  2. “The enemy seems to have lived for 30 centuries. Still, it’s only 3,000 years. It’s short compared to China’s 4,000 years of history. If that’s the case, in all likelihood, I’ll be fine.”
    What? What the hell does the age of China have to do with the MC and her likelihood to succeed?


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