MLW – Chapter 32

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Dragon Village

After riding the dragon, Leica, we safely arrived at Rocko Volcano.

On what looked like the other side of a mountain where humans would normally not enter, were many dragons that were gathered. You could see it even if you looked at it from afar.

“Amazing! Tons of dragons!” 

“They are biologically red dragons. They are not monsters, but classified as the dragon race.” 

“If I offend these dragons, I’ll be killed for sure this time……” 

I wondered why Harukara assumed that she was going to offend them, but certainly thinking about Harukara’s life so far, it may be just right to have some concerns about such things.

“Since it’s still the initial party, everyone is still in their dragon forms… For now, let’s introduce you to the bride and the groom, and then to my family.”

“I understand. I’ll follow all of Leica’s orders.”

Leica landed when she found open space. We also descended.

To put it bluntly, a dragon’s gender could not be distinguished with a glance.

The dragons’ eyes turned towards Leica.

“Leica-oneesama, how do you do?” [1]

“You also have beautiful wings today.”

What! This is like the self-introductions at a salon of an high-class girls’ school. [2]

“What you already have from birth is not the issue… What we really need are things we’ve polished since birth.”

Leica said something cool.

“Leica-oneesama is cool as expected today.”

The dragons also thought that Leica was cool… They were all dragons so it felt very surreal, but it was probably normal from the point of view of these dragons.

“Today is my sister’s marriage ceremony, thank you for attending.”
“It’s only natural for us to appear at Leica-oneesama’s older sister’s marriage ceremony.”

“That’s right. I am indebted to Leica-oneesama for the committee. Well then, since you seem busy, that is all for us now. Let’s talk again afterward.”

Then those girls left.

“Excuse me, Azusa-sama. Those girls were the juniors of my school.”
“Ah, I see. School huh……”

“Well, although I call it school, you only study basic things there. The real challenge is to transform into a typical human’s appearance, then going to university is the shortcut.”

“No, it’s intellectually enough though…… I sort of understand why Leica is so smart.”

“No, not at all. I cannot hold a candle to Azusa-sama. I only have my diligence.”

Come to think of it, when Leica is in her human form, she looks like a female junior-high school student, so I bet those girls are about the same age as well.

We went and walked between huge dragons. Because Leica was walking in the front, we were at ease, but certainly, walking between the dragons without Leica would be quite scary.

“Everyone is hugeee!”

“Nee-san, calling them huge may be rude.”

It seems that Furafa’s tension has risen, but on the other side, Harukara was always looking downwards while walking.

“If-if I offend these dragons, I’ll die instantly…… I’ll become cinders by the flame coming out of their mouths…..”

I wondered how negative she was, but I understood that she could not calm herself down due to all these dragons.

The dragons were drinking all over the place, having their meals, but their cups and plates were huge at any rate.

Sliced meat (although I say that, it’s too big for a human), vegetables, etc. were put on top of the plate. The vegetables were comprised of five cabbages that were put together in a bundle. Perhaps, this is the sensation of a mouthful size of mini tomatoes to them.

“Please don’t go near the plates~. Because I’m afraid that you might be eaten all together.”

Leica gave an advance warning. Yes, I’ll be careful. As soon as that was said, Harukara went near a plate and screamed “Ahh! No! I’m not food!”.

“Today the dragons inside this village were lined-up, so it’s crowded, but it’s usually a bit more carefree and quiet.”

“Eeh, about how many dragons live here?”

“Around 250?”

“That’s quite a lot……”

“However, usually they live in other mountains. It’s not like everybody is gathered here. Even so, that’s only the number of our kind, so when it comes to the talk of another race, it will change, but…”

“There are various kinds of dragons, aren’t there.”

“Yes, those guys who call themselves dragons presumptuously also ex—- ah perfect, my parents and older sister and her spouse arrived.”

There were four dragons standing.

I understood that the big dragons and small dragons were paired.

Probably the bigger one is the male. By looking at them like that, I could determine the gender of a dragon by its size.

“I have returned just now. This is my master, the Plateau Witch, Azusa-sama. Behind her are her daughters Farufa-sama and Sharusha-sama, and the elf disciple Harukara-sama.”

“I am Leica’s father. I have heard about you. Is my daughter troubling you?”

From them, the biggest dragon spoke.

“No, not at all. I have greatly received her favour…… Rather, I am sorry to have intruded.”

“The amount of beings attending my daughter’s marriage ceremony has increased, so how can you be a bother? Hahahaha!”

It seems like I received a warm welcome.

Next, Leica introduced her older dragon sister with, “This is my older sister Leila.” I also said hello and bowed. My daughters and Harukara also bowed.

“My husband has always been my childhood friend, but I met him for the first time in 80 years, then we found a mutual understanding then decided to marry.”

It’s weird for the time span to be for the first time in 80 years, but well it’s probably normal for dragons.

“As expected, everyone is carrying out the ceremony in their dragon form.”

The food costs are enormous, but it probably doesn’t feel out of place usually.

“The first meeting is in dragon form, but the afterparty is conducted in their human forms. If they are oversized, they could not be suited for small things.”
The older sister explained this to me. I see.

“However, it’s good that it’s truly peaceful today.”

Papa dragon muttered.

“Wouldn’t it would be good if it ended peacefully.”

What is with that conspicuous flag statement…… [3]



  1. ごきげんよう (gokigenyo) is a phrase often used by high-class rich girls. In stuff like Marimite, the girls always say this line. Basically a high-class version of “how do you do?”
  2. Hehe, another footnote so fast? Yeah. Here a salon isn’t a place hair salon, but more like a place where rich people have tea and uhh rich people activities. Also the past two dialogues, the dragons talking to Leica all were speaking in a way a stereotypical anime/manga/novel rich-girl would.
  3. Please tell me you know what a flag is. If you don’t…well…have you been living under a rock?

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