MLW – Chapter 34

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The Plateau Witch Lost Her Temper


The battle between the dragons had become fierce. They exhaled at each other, hands and tails clashing, giving each other physical damage. They both have large bodies, so for some reason, it had a sort of mudslinging atmosphere, but the destructive power was incredible.

I gripped the hands of my two daughters and attempted to leave the heart of the battleground slowly. If I was alone, I could provide assistance, but a direct hit from a cold breath like that last one would become a matter of life or death for my daughters and Harukara.

Occasionally, cold breaths that resemble stray bullets came too close, so I negated it by emitting flames.

“It’s not like they’re seriously trying to devour each other, but it’s more like harassment. Nevertheless, because dragons are doing it, the scale is massive. If a normal human entered, they’d normally die.”

“Ah… I, am already useless… my legs are shaking and aren’t able to move…”

“If you can’t move, you’ll die. Even if you have to force yourself, walk.”

“I-I understand…”

Harukara was on the verge of tears, but she had no choice but to endure it.

Well then, even though I said to go somewhere safe… for now it’s better to move back, rather than going ahead.

Nonetheless, the Blue Dragons were plunging in from the direction of the party venue. Because the opponents could fly in the sky, it’s only natural that they could go around from the back.

The party dishes were toppled over and trampled on.

No~ this is getting quite irritating. It’s not like I don’t understand the feeling of being envious of someone else’s happiness. Only a saint wouldn’t harbor such feelings. However, I couldn’t allow them to actually destroy that happiness.

I wanted to yell out that they shouldn’t joke around. Furthermore, it made me want to participate.

However, protecting the civilians comes first. It’s wasn’t time to tread into that world of blood and violence. I began a slow and deliberate evacuation strategy.

Leica, the bride, and the groom fought while spitting out flames.

Being the case that she came and confidently challenged me to a match, Leica was putting up a good fight.

She was probably the strongest among the Red Dragons. Although female dragons are smaller in stature than the male dragons, Leica was pretty much holding her own against two male dragons.

“My disciple, you’re properly doing it.”

There was quite a bit of movement coming from the direction of the grove that wasn’t damaged yet.

“Farufa, Sharusha, if it’s here, you should be okay for now, so please wait a bit. Mother will definitely save you.”

“Ok, Farufa will endure…”

“What a good girl, Farufa.”

Farufa seems like she wants to cry, but she’s frantically enduring it.

“Mother, I’m sorry for making you worry…”

“Sharusha, it’s strange to apologize. You did nothing wrong, right? You don’t have to apologize for something that’s not your fault.”

Sharusha is sometimes a little bit too serious. However, it’s more important that she’s saved now.

Harukara was mumbling for some reason, reciting something that resembled a weird sutra.

“Harukara, what’s that?”

“It’s a good luck charm handed down by the elves… It’s something that will make you absolutely safe from being attacked by beasts in the middle of the forest. According to my grandfather’s story, none of the people who recited it were attacked.”

Wow. This is kind of a flag…

A Blue Dragon landed and stood right in front of us.

In addition, this was an especially big one to boot. Its gaze looked sharp, and furthermore, cold.

“You people are comrades of the Red Dragons of Rocko Volcano, aren’t you?”

“So what if we are?”

“I’ll tear off one of each of your legs here and now. If you guys were to be hurt, the Red Dragons’ wedding ceremony will finally be ruined.”

Those words were an annoyance.

“My apologies, but you must receive a serious inj-”

“You, in order to harass them, you plan on scaring these little girls (even though they are fifty years old)? You’re still thinking like that at your age? How long have you lived your good-for-nothing life? What are you even living for? Who could stick their chest out and say that they scared a little girl?!”

I don’t often get passionate, but this might be the first time in a while that I’ve lost my temper.

“Er, but the whole reason why we came all the way to this distant mountain-”

“What kind of, what sort of unacceptable reason is that!”

As I quickly approached the dragon, I raised my leg without paying any concern for my dress and kicked.


The dragon cringed in obvious pain.

But that sure as hell wasn’t enough to settle this. That’s because this guy declared that he was going to hurt my daughters. As a mother, I can never allow this to happen.

This time I punched with my right hand.

“I-it hurts… wh-what is this woman… what sort of trick is this…?”

Trick? There’s no such thing. It’s because I’m level 99.

I floated up to the dragon’s face via levitation, aimed at its head, and then unleashed a barrage of kicks, ending with an uppercut at the side of the snout.

Apparently, I had given the dragon a concussion, and it collapsed on the ground.

For the time being, the civilians have been successfully rescued from danger.

The dragon was out cold and drooling, so it shouldn’t be able to fight for a while.

“Mama, so strong! Woooow!”

“I admire you, Mom…”

“Thanks, you two. Mother is getting even more pumped up from your support!”

I took a moment to think.

There were no more enemy dragons were coming from the direction of the grove.

Which means, so long as I subjugated every dragon on this side, no harm would befall my daughters.

Well then, it’s time to let loose.

If the enemy is here for harassment, I would crush them with no regrets.

I’d leave them something to mourn over for the next one or two hundred years. Payback, for angering the Plateau Witch.

“Harukara, take Farufa and Sharusha, and go hide somewhere.”

“Y-yes ma’am! Uh, are you going out there, Master…?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t allow a single enemy dragon to reach this place.”

I grabbed the collapsed dragon by the tail.

It wasn’t impossible for this guy to wake up, so I decided to bring him with me.

Dragging the dragon behind me, I charged toward the battlefield.




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      1. Demon wasn’t in the middle of slimes and dragon, it was after, but if you count the adventurers that came to challenge her but got blown away then they were after slimes vut before dragon.


  1. Out of all the light novels I read, this is the first instance of an entire dragon going to be used as a club to bludgeon other dragons with. Yo dog i heard you like dragons? anyway thanks for the chapter and cant wait for the next one “the idiots guide to fighting *with* dragons”

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  2. “what weapon you use?”
    “Dragon’s Club”
    “Club made from Dragon’s Material?”
    “no… a “Dragon” Club…”
    “you mean the Material right?”
    “no… the Dragon himself”

    its remind me of Gintama… when they use the Elder, Hero, Demon King as Club and hit each other.

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    1. Few years later, this history will be known as “The Dragon’s Banquet Massacre”. When we asked about this tragedy, one of the eyewitness which also a victim… or maybe, a ‘weaponized victim’, said to us in trembling voice:

      “She played us like a damn fiddle!”



    hmmm what weapon would be good agains dragons… oh, how about that dragon you’re already holding? That would work great~!


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