MLW – Chapter 42

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Cafe Preparations

“Let’s do a cafe called “Witch’s House” during the pre-festival!”
My family’s gaze is concentrated on me.
“Well? I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Harukara will prepare the drink menu, as for the shop, if we line up desks in the woody area part where Leica added on to the building, there shouldn’t be any problem, and we have five people with just our family, so we should be able to serve customers. Also, since it’s during the pre-festival, we can go sightseeing without any issues on the day of the festival itself.”
The proposal’s merits were being highlighted steadily before them. Nonetheless, I did not think that I would receive resistance.
However, only one person had an indisposed face.
Surprisingly it was Leica.
“Is that so…… As far as I’m concerned, you have to wear clothes similar to a waitress serving customers……”
Ah, those clothes that resemble maid clothes. I think it’s particularly fine it you wear casual clothes. Rather, Leica’s clothes regularly have good taste.
“It doesn’t matter if you wear normal clothes, if you are reluctant to serve customers, you can work in the back though? Also, in the first place, we also have the choice to not do it.”
This kind of obligation isn’t a big deal, after all.
“No, I would like to participate please! I think it will be a place where your daughters can study society!”
Leica said something akin to a teacher. As usual, she’s diligent by nature.
“I will endure wearing waitress clothes…… Perhaps if I’m busy, I will forget it……”
However, it was a mystery why she hated waitress clothes so much. It she was embarrassed I would understand, but Leica’s everyday clothes were black goth loli like clothes. On that occasion, it would be different and stand out from ordinary people still.
Well, because she’s fixated on fashion, there’s probably a line that can’t be crossed.
Like that, our family’s participation in the pre-festival has been decided.
After the meal, I informed the village chief, while reporting words to that effect, and he said “Thank you very much!,” and was excessively thankful. Somehow, his reaction was as if he received a donation of a hundred million gold for the sake of the village.
Then, the next day.
Striking while the iron was hot, we went to the store that tailored our dress for attending the wedding ceremony before. It was decided that each waitress outfit would be made here.
The clothes were done the next day, so I went to get them.
Since I had the occasion, I decided to have every member within the house to try wearing the finished clothes.
I, well, felt like a very normal reception girl.
Maid cafes are often done in school festivals, but doing something like that makes you feel like a high school girl. It’s certainly different from being employed at a pro maid cafe. Simply trying it on once, if perchance a maid cafe pro was there, I think they would say that you don’t understand what it’s like. There’s nobody like that in this world, though.
Subsequently, let’s review each other member.
First off, the Farufa and Sharusha pair.
“Does it suit me, Mama?”
“It doesn’t fit badly.”
They felt like twin children maids, so somehow, it was very splendid. However, letting them serve male guest like this, I’m a bit worried. They’re too cute, so if they were looked at with weird eyes, I’ll be troubled. After all, they’re cute. Ye~ah, they’re cute.
I wonder if my gaze was a bit of a doting parent……
Next, Harukara came out of her own room after changing.
“Um, this, should have been measured, but my chest feels tight though……”
Ah, come to think of it, the shopkeeper said, “This way is a bit tight, but there’s impact,”……
I understood, but a big-breasted elf waitress.
“It’ll become indecent with Harukara there. On the contrary, it’s amazing how you can be indecent to this extent by yourself, seriously.”
“Master, is that praise……?”
“I think there will be a demand. However, it’ll be slightly troubling if only those types of customers come…… Try walking over there just a little.”
“Just walking? Like this?”
Harukara walks.
Her breasts firmly shake. My goodness, an outrageous sway. That chest is shaking as if it was made out of water.
Even women’s eyes would be attracted towards it. Absolutely, there will be people coming for Harukara.
Then, the last appearance was Leica who was not interested in the beginning.
She said that it would be bad if only she did not wear it, so she properly made clothes, and said she would also be a waitress, but.
Leica came over from her own room.
“Umm, that…… are there any strange points……?”
I instinctively restrained my mouth. Furthermore, I crouched down a bit.
“Huh, Azusa-sama? Is something wrong? Did your health take turn for the worse?”
“M-magnificent……it’s a god……there’s a god here……”
This strange reaction was not only mine. Harukara also said, “The Supreme Waitress……,” and was a bit dumbfounded.
Yes, those waitress clothes suited Leica too well.
In the beginning, she let out an atmosphere of a lovely girl who just decided to be in the service industry who tried wearing waitress clothes, and yet the uneasy expression and the decoration of the clothes harmonized, furthermore coquettishly, and her destructive power was terrifying.
Even though she was a girl, she was lovely to the extent I wanted to take this child home.[1]
“I see… You should wear those frilly clothes on regular basis since it suits you… Or rather, it suits you too well.”
Being praised and complimented, rather than being happy, Leica was clearly embarrassed.
“Actually, a long time ago, I played the waitress role in my dragon school’s play, but at that time also I was also told excessively that it suited me…… Because the surroundings also said too much, I got scared a bit, but…… This time also had a similar reaction……”
I see. She was not interested because she knew that it suited her too well.
“Leica, it may be embarrassing, but you should do it once. You should highlight your own abilities more.”
I said something like an entertainment producer.
For the time being, the preparations are complete.
No, only the clothes were made, but the cooking was relatively whatever goes.
Even if I buy a table, it’ll be a hindrance after, so I’ll borrow what’s left in the village.

1. お持ち帰り [omochikaeri] has many meanings. While literally meaning bring home, it also means “takeout (i.e. food),” but is also slang for “one-night stand.” Of course, I’ll leave it up to your imagination what Azusa actually mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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