MLW – Chapter 43

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The Cafe has Many Difficulties in Store


We decided to proceed with the preparation of the cafe “Witch’s House.”

First, was making the menu.
Concerning the drinks, not only did we have the standard herbal tea group, but we were also relying on Harukara’s sense.

“Finally, the chance for me to play an active role has come! Please leave it to me, Master!”

It seemed like she was filled with a strange fighting spirit, so menu ideas certainly kept coming one after another.

Although there were quite a few of them, the majority of them were weird.

“This “Drinking Vitality Medicine ~15 Varieties of Root Blend” one is rejected.”

“Eh! Why! The effect is great and in Furanto Province where I lived, we received reports from the men’s camp that they loved it!”

“The image is not good! At any rate, because we are doing a cafe, choose ones that are more lyrical.”

“Then, how about the next one, “If you drink this every day you’ll get taller within one month! Bone extension natural remedy.”

“Like I said, stop insisting in the direction of practical use! Decide on more normal ones!”

Furthermore, it’s only a one-day shop, so why would it be selling anything that only works “within one month”.

“I think the idea I proposed is more witch-like though……”

It’s not that I don’t understand Harukara’s complaints, but the village people seriously believe I am not a dangerous witch, so I do not need to be serious about being witch-like.

“Then, we’ll do the safe option of fruit juice. Mixing the wild grapes that grow in this region with honey dissolved in water, it’ll be quite refreshing, and the aftertaste is also a good thing.”

“Bring up that kind of thing from the beginning.”
In that case, we could accept it without complaint. Rather, there are no unacceptable elements.

“I mean, where’s the fun in that~.”

“Please stop going for what’s fun. You’re not the main gag.” [1]

Certainly, in Tokyo’s Akihabara, there is a cafe with the setting that the serving girls are reincarnated Warring States military commanders, but that kind of eccentricity is not needed right now. By the way, in spite of the premise that they were reincarnated, some of the waitresses weren’t very familiar with the Warring States period. [2]

“If something like this is good, I can come up with around 50 items in one day.”

“Are you a genius? Then, we’re already fine on drinks. Originally, I was not this worried though.”

“A~h, at least, I wanted to make the “You thought it was sweet, but it was extremely hot! 30 Variety Spice Combination”~.”

The number of people who love weird things like that are limited no matter which world you’re in.

Next was the food menu, but this too was harder than I thought. As expected, it was necessary to confirm everything beforehand.

When I found a fault in Harukara’s menu, Leica came holding a yellow object piled up high on a plate.

“Azusa-sama, I thought about this plan where if you can eat this super-gigantic omelette within 30 minutes, it’d be free, how is it?”

“Let’s not do such a challenge system! Because it’s our first time, let’s go with very normal! No plans with special conditions attached!

I wonder if binge eating plans were universal? It seems like anyone can think of it though.

“To tell you the truth, there’s also one more secret measure!”

Leica went to the kitchen, then came holding another plate.

“How about a novel work where the sweet cream is placed on top of this boiled pasta? Matching sweet food that is considered to not suited for pasta, how about trying a challenge where things like confections are placed on top.”

“I value that challenging spirit, but it’s fine to not implement it!”

Stores like this surely existed in Japan!

“Well you see, Leica, you don’t have to deliberately try to stand out just because it’s a store! Your usual cooking is tasty, so it’s okay be a bit more faithful to the basics!”

“I see…… as for me, since we’re taking their money, I was thinking we need to give them something of equal value in return, a lasting memory…”

Leica was feeling despondent. I probably said too much. However, it is related to the direction the store will take, so compromising on that would be bad…… Because Leica is serious, I must stop Leica from placing sweet cream on top of pasta.

However, there were more problem children.

There was a sound of the door opening with a bang. Farufa came running in, so apparently, she had been outside.

“Mama! I caught a large grasshopper!”

Indeed, it was a big one the size of the palm of one’s hand.

“Oh, it’s big–”

“Hey, if this grasshopper is cooked, I wonder what kind of flavor it will have? Is it okay if we serve it in the store?”

I do not have the motivation to do insect cooking.

There Sharusha brought a bulky book here.

“According to this book, there are places to go insect-eating within foreign countries, and it said that the grasshopper family is especially popular. However, there are also concerns such as the legs needing to be removed or they could get caught in your throat or digestive tract and cause a serious situation.”

“I do not feel like denying another place’s culture, but we will not serve it here!”

If you think about an insect cooking store, as expected it’s straying from the concept.

“Farufa too, let’s return grasshopper-san back outside. Perhaps, it might have been planning to play with its friends.”
“Ok~ay! I understandー.”

Again, Farufa went outside.

Everybody, don’t attempt to think up stranger things than you imagined. Are you thinking that it’s no good unless we make interesting things? I think it would be enough if we made a very natural cafe to calm down, but……

It can’t be helped, so it has been determined that I would influence a few things.

First, a portion of the seats will be taken out and made as terrace seats. The number of amount of seats will also increase, and because this house is on the plateau’s high ground, the air is also delicious. Occasionally, the blowing wind will feel good.

Customers that only request from the drink menu will also receive a small plate with a sampling of cookies. Such a feeling should make the customers comfortable. Whenever I ordered coffee during my corporate slave era, when a tiny pastry was served, I was a little bit happy.

If it is crowded and one doesn’t feel like staying, I think it’s the cafe putting the cart before the horse, so since it’s a temporary store, it was decided for the number of seats to be somewhat larger in quantity.

The menu is centered around vegetable cooking. Adding on the slight wonderfulness of home flavor.

For these reasons, I think I can put on some ideas to some extent.

“Master, you were this serious……”

Then, Harukara was slightly drawn back and astonished.

“I, was thinking of something more… playful……”

“Why, after all this trouble, do you still insist on being playful.”

“No, for example, saying something like, “Welcome, Master,” to the customers.”

Could it be that Harukara and Leica were both also Japanese recinarnators……?

1. Lmao, Azusa so savage. Breaking the fourth wall!
2. Mononopu is the shop that Azusa is referring to.
Tour of the shop: 



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