MLW – Chapter 44

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The Penalty for Lining Up Overnight


As the festival rapidly approached, the days passed by quickly, and the day had finally arrived for the opening of the cafe “Witch’s House”.

After eating breakfast, we all changed into our uniforms.

“S-somehow, it’s a spectacle to see all of us line up wearing the same clothes……”

Leica said so with feelings of half embarrassment and half exhilaration. Similarly, I felt the same way as well.

“Looking out the window, it doesn’t seem to be raining, so let’s begin our final preparations. Leica and Harukara prepare food and drink respectively, while Farufa and Sharusha wipe the tables and check the floor for dust. I’ll take out the cafe terrace seats.”

The chairs were placed under the eaves of the roof in order to avoid the trouble of them getting wet in the event that it rained.

Everyone nodded their head in agreement, so it looked like there were no problems.

“Presently, it has just turned around 8 a.m., so there are two hours left until we open. Let’s do this properly.”

This time Leica and Farufa both replied with, “Okay!” “OKKK!”, respectively.

“But, I’m getting nervous…… If, if no customers come, what shall we do……?”

Harukara was a pessimist due to her having tragic experiences often in her life.

“There is quite a distance to the village from here. Even the village will have a pre-festival, they might be indifferent about coming all the way out here and decide to pass…”

Certainly, it wasn’t like there was no risk of that.

“It’s not like I don’t u-understand your feelings, but… let’s do what we can… I wonder how to say this… there’s significance in participating.”

“Right…… If nothing is sold at all, let’s put the drinks in a basket to sell it at the festival tomorrow.”
As a workshop manager, I had a resolute commercial spirit.

“Then, let’s go to work. You already know the shifts. Alright then, dismissed!”

Since I worked outside, I went to open the side door of the triangle-roofed log house. As a house, this was normally the rear entrance, but since the store was using this side it temporarily became the front.

A signboard reading, “Cafe Witch’s House” was placed in front of the house. Because there were hardly any people passing by, it would become victory or defeat depending on how much it spreads beforehand in the village.

“Well then, I better line up the tables neatly outside—-”
However, as soon as I opened the door, I was petrified

Somehow, apparently, the customers have already lined up in a ro~~~~~~~~~~w outside.

There were surely around 60 people…… As one would expect, there weren’t that many seats……

“Oh! Witch-sama’s waitress dress!”
“This is radiant!”
“I want to hurry up and see the other’s appearances as well!”

Just by going outside, staggering cheers rose.

“U-um, opening hours are from 10 o’clock, you did know that right……?”

I properly stuck a paper of the business hours in front of the store and on the signboard right……

“Of course!”
“Pulling an all-nighter is troublesome, so I came by early morning!”
“It took a day for me to come from the town!”

The person at the very back also held a placard with “End of the Line” written on it. I do not remember making that. Did someone do that voluntarily?

“Currently, we are preparing, so please wait a moment!” [1]

Never did I expect that I would be putting out tables while being basked in people’s gazes like this.

Well, partly since I had such earth-shattering strength, the work itself was finished quickly. For example, carrying tables with one in each hand, being Level 99 makes it easy.

However, it wasn’t like we could open at 10 right…… It was hard to say, “Wait a little less than two hours” ……

I immediately completed the preparations that I planned for outside, and then returned back inside.

“Umm, there were already around 60 people lined up, was it possible to open a little bit earlier at 9?”

Everyone was surprised.

Somehow Harukara’s response had a sense of worry, but in reality, lining up at a person’s home was problematic, she was correct.

“Ah, it seems like they properly lined up since this morning.”
“Then, it’s safe. They caught the first train, huh. How diligent.”
What was the big idea with getting here so early?

“So, will you make it in time for opening at 9?”
“There are no problems with drinks. How about Leica-san?”
“I’ll make it on time since there are already ingredients. However, I’m worried that we’ll sell out when the orders increase, so perhaps I should prepare by flying to the the village now and deliver extras.”

“This is what I’ll do, so tell me what things you need! Also the number of seats……”

For the time being, should we set out the spare tables and retrieve the stuff in in our room(s)? That way we’ll be ready to accomodate to serve more customers.

Even though I hadn’t said anything yet, Farufa and Sharusha carried the table here.

“Mama, Sharusha said it was necessary to bring out more tables.”
“Kaa-san, Sharusha will do what Sharusha can do.”

Ah, finally without me even saying anything, they were able to judge what should be done, even to the point of moving it! Mama is impressed!

After increasing the amount of seats and putting in a request to deliver ingredients that mayrun out (It’s possible to go to the village quickly since she could fly), we quickly worked to open at nine.

In a sense, it might have been the first time since I’ve lived in this world and been this fired up.

However, there was no exhaustion like when I was a corporate slave.

Speaking of it being natural, I guess it was. A corporate slave’s existence was to work.
This time we were working because we liked it.

The source of motivation was different.

And then, the hand of the clock extended to 9 o’clock.

I vigorously opened the side door of the log house.

“Cafe “Witch’s House” will open one hour earlier than planned due to the great number of lined up guests! We will guide you in order, so please wait!”

“Uoooooooo,” cheers erupted.

Well, I didn’t expect for it to become this popular……
The line lengthened compared to earlier. It seemed like that I had to quickly work for the rest of the day now.



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  1. Everyone was surprised .

    「えええ! 徹夜で並ぶのはマナー違反ですよ!」 (<-skipped line)
    Somehow Harukara’s response had a sense of worry, but in reality, lining up at a person’s home was problematic, she was correct.


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