MLW – Chapter 49

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The Leading Role of the Festival


We wandered around the heart of the village a fair amount, so we took a break at a cafe. Although one might say that it’s just a house doing a completely different business, during the festival season only, it became a cafe, so it’s the same system that we did yesterday.

The number of shops in the village was limited, so it was necessary to increase their numbers like this during the festival season. More people came from neighboring towns, so the population density was several times the usual.

“Sharusha, the origin of this festival was originally from a long distance away.”
“Festivals to worship the Goddess of Fertility had not spread to here yet, this is very interesting.”
Beelzebub and Sharusha were talking about scientific stuff, but basically, if the festival was fun, then it was good. Even now, lively music for dancing was continuing to play outside.

“Incidentally, a while ago, these sorts of festival days were used for meetings between men and women. The companions who got to know each other at the festival spent a hot night together.”
“Hey hey! Don’t inspire weird things in my daughters!”
What kind of indecent things are you talking about!

“It is not something strange. This is a scholarly talk. Additionally, men and women falling in love itself are not bad right.”
“Uu…… I understand the rationale, but……”

However, then Sharusha pierced Beelzebub like a superior assassin.

“Hey Beelzebub-san, have you ever fallen in love with a male?”
“W-what are you saying, Sharusha……”
“Well, since it has become that story of conversation. Sharusha and Farufa both aren’t that informed.”
“Uwa…… I also am not that informed about t-that sort of thing…… It’s outside of my area of expertise.”

Beelzebub was blushing really hard. Ah, this person was talking about perverted things herself, but wasn’t the type to not be able to handle it at all when bringing it up. Or rather, at this rate, she’ll absolutely never get used to even a little bit of ‘love’.

“Farufa also wants to hear about it~.”
Then, Farufa also wanted to take part. It seemed like Beelzebub had been completely cornered.

“Y-you guys are too young for this as expected, or rather perhaps I should say it is inappropriate for me to explain it…… that’s right, you should ask your mother for these kind of things……”

“Wow! Shifting the responsibility!”
“Be quiet! Even you don’t really want to talk openly about something that inappropriate!”

When turning away after asking for a lifeboat, Leica openly feigned ignorance, which formed a ‘I don’t wanna get involved with this kind of conversation’ kind of barrier. Leica is a serious type. It seemed like she hated those kinds of love affair jokes, I guess I should stop it now. Harukara at any rate would only say something like, “Alcohol is my lover,” so as I looked the other way――

“Master! You just thought it would be meaningless to bring up love affair talk with me anyhow, didn’t you!”
Gulp. I’ve been found out.
“By the way, the first time I met people they approached me indiscriminately, but when they saw me dead drunk they got disillusioned.”
“As expected, alcohol is her lover……”

While telling such a silly story, the village chief came into the store.

“Witch-sama, yesterday’s cafe was successful!”
“Ah, thank to you. It was so successful that I was troubled though.”
By the way, the village chief also came to the store with his wife as a married couple. From a positional standpoint, even the village chief absolutely could not make light of the Plateau Witch. One of the duties included in the village chief’s role seemed to be keeping on good terms with the Plateau Witch.

“So if you do not mind, I thought you would like to ride on a gondola.”
He made a proposal that I did not quite understand.
“Gondola? I’ve ridden on a gondola before though.”
“There is a thing like a box attached with wheels attach on it.”
Ah, it’s something similar to a float in Japan’s festivals.

That will be paraded at the climax of the festival, but an immense large amounts of requests had been collected asking for the Witch-sama’s party to please ride it. The men who could not go to the cafe yesterday were especially truly requesting it!”

“Well, it’s embarrassing, but since we have the opportunity, I think it’s fine if it’s just riding.”
“So…… if possible, if you ride with your waitress appearance…… the masses of the village will also be happy but……”

What’s with that request……

Leica said, “Again……?” and immediately blushed. However, I also do not want them to be disappointed when we ride with normal clothes, so if that’s the case, I did not want that.

I patted Leica on her shoulders.
“Let’s pitch in and help here Leica. Since it’s a festival, “let’s give them special service.”
“I-I understand……”

Thus, we rode on the gondola. In our waitress appearances.

Frankly speaking, it got unbelievably excited.

“Witch-sama banzai!” “Witch-sama banzai!”

I was only waving my hand on top of the moving gondola, but the voices rose to a very great extent. I felt like I was born again as a super popular idol. There were also points that I was embarrassed about, but because I was receiving everyone’s enjoyment, I deemed it acceptable.

“Leica-sama!” “Leica-sama is the best!” “I also went to the store yesterday!”

Eh, for some reason Leica’s support was also loud……

“U-um! Please stop adding sama! The normal ‘Leica’ is fine!”

Come to think of it, her name had also become Leica-sama. She was mostly called Leica-chan in the cafe though……

“You’re way too cute when you’re feeling shy!” “Become my younger sister!” “Leica-sama!”

Wow…… Having done the cafe, everybody in the village had completely been awakened to Leica’s cuteness. I wonder if I did something a little bit inexcusable to Leica……

“Well, Leica-san, good for you. Aren’t you popular?”
Harukara said with no follow up whatsoever.
“This sort of this is a little bit……”

Leica, on the contrary because probably of your hesitant actions like that, your cuteness appeal didn’t drop at all.

My little sister was too cute!

“Uu~, Azusa-sama, stand out more, please scatter the gazes looking at me~!”

Leica, not being able to bear it, came clinging to me.

“Aah, my cute little sister is embracing me, I am super happy.”
“Azusa-sama, what are you saying!”

Thus, us riding on a gondola with our waitress uniforms became the festival’s most popular event.

After that, the village chief requested that we please do the cafe again next year because of the expected attracted customers.

“I will decide taking Leica’s attitude and so forth into consideration.”

I see, now I understood how festivals became established as a yearly tradition like this.



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