MLW – Chapter 5

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This Time, A Dragon Has Come!

After that, I ordered a book about monsters and started studying.

It’s not that I suddenly awoke to monster extermination.

How should I say it? It’s actually the opposite.

To some extent, if I were to have knowledge about monsters, even if I were requested to exterminate them, I might be able to deal with it without setting out to give advice on my own.


Even if this is the case, if it’s collaboration to this extent, I am fine with giving advice. I only dislike being forced to work like a draft horse.


At any rate, I am level 99. Even I know that such a thing is an exception in this world. It would be disastrous for me if all the troubles were to be channeled to my place.


After blowing the party away in one breath, my life did not have any changes for about ten days. Requests such as defeating a dragon did not come as well.

However, as the sales of medicines commissioned by the village’s general store are growing more than ever, the amount of medicinal grass consigned increased as well. It must be them thinking that if it’s the medicine made by the level 99 witch, it will be super effective. Honestly speaking, I do not think that there is much difference at all.

“Well, this world doesn’t have internet, therefore, I guess the spreading of information will be slow. Although it would be best if the topic would not spread and die off just like that.”  

However, I shouldn’t have said such a thing as there suddenly was a loud DON DON knocking sound on my door.

Who is it this time? In addition, the violent knocking eliminated the possibility of it being a villager.

If I were to pretend to be out, the door would be destroyed. Therefore, I quickly opened it.


If it’s about helping to slay a dragon, I will instruct them about an excellent way of defeating the dragon and take my leave. If it is about an important matter of villages being ruined, I will not lend a helping hand.

“Yes, may I know who you are?”

There was this massive thing in front of me.


It’s tall. Or rather, it is not human.


It has huge wings. A massive body. And it seems to spit fire. There are also two horns on its head.


A dragon had come.


And speaking of which, the knocks were done by the tail. That’s why the sound was rough.

“Um, may I know what is the matter?”


According to the book that I had read, dragons are high class monsters. Therefore, they are able to understand words. It seems to have the knowledge of knocking on the door in the first place.


Immediately, the knowledge of the books came into use. However, I did not want to have to use it myself.

“I am Leica, the dragon who was named the strongest monster in this Nanterre Province.”

The dragon spoke human language. However, its voice was loud so my ears hurt. It sounds as though I had gone to a live concert.

“May I know the purpose of this visit?”

“With that said, recently, I had heard about some rumors of the existence of a strongest witch here. I thought of comparing who is stronger, so I came here.”

To how far have the rumors spread?!

At the very least, don’t spread it to non-humans!

This is the worst. It is not about being asked to defeat a dragon but a dragon came on its own accord.

“I do not wish to be labelled as the strongest. I had merely saved 300 years worth of experience, therefore I had obtained a huge amount. Hence, I would gladly hand over the title of being the strongest to you.”

“That I cannot agree to. Fight with me! And let’s establish decisively who is the strongest here!”

I am really annoyed.

It is not a damn dojo so don’t come issuing a dojo challenge here. [1]

“What if I say no?”

“First, I will trample on this mansion. I will also lay waste to the field.”

There is no other way but to fight huh?

If my house disappears, I will definitely not be able to live my care-free life anymore.

“Understood. Let’s do it. However, I am not someone who calls themselves the strongest so please go easy on me.

“Very well. Likewise, if I am able to determine that I am the strongest here, it would be fine.”

We moved to a much larger area away from the mansion.

It would be intolerable if my mansion were to be damaged in the midst of the battle.

“With that, allow me to show you the full extent of this Leica’s power!”

“Yes yes. Please show me your power as much as you want.“

The dragon flapped its wings and flew up into the sky.

“I will burn you to nothingness!”

It breathed fire from its mouth!

If I were to receive this attack squarely, I would probably be troubled. Please refrain from making me get injuries such as burns. I can not even pretend to lose on purpose at this rate.

“Freeze everything in its entirety!”

I launched my ice magic towards the fire.

As though my strategy succeeded, my magic hit the fire and both offset each other and disappeared.

“Tch! I am pretty sure! As expected, you seem to be really a high level witch!

From my point of view, it seems to be fine to quickly end this with the use of force.

Alright, how should I fight? My opponent is floating.

“I proclaim to bid farewell to the ground for a little while!”

I used floating magic. With this, one cannot say that I am not equivalent to the dragon.

From now on, how shall we battle?

I do not want to get too close. As far as its concerned, it will be a battle of magic. However, as expected, I probably will not able to blow it away with a tornado like those humans due to its size. Even in the case where it were to be blown away and land on the village, there would be massive damage.

Should I use lightning magic? However, honestly speaking, I do not have the confidence in adjusting the power. It’s different from a slime. If I were to kill a highly intelligent dragon, I would probably feel guilty.

I do not have things such as a vow not to kill. However, I will try to my utmost best not to take lives.

With that, Fire Magic or Ice Magic it is.

Fire magic will definitely not work since the dragon was spitting flames earlier; it is probably immune to it.

So, there is no other choice than to use Ice Magic.

“Mimicking me and flying in the sky huh? How impudent!“

In order to crush me, the dragon had stretched out its hand to grab me. However, I immediately evaded this level of attack. I overcompensated and created a gap between me and the dragon.

Using that opening, the dragon approached me.

“I am going to burn you down!”

The dragon opened its mouth to try and breathe fire on me.

I had been waiting for that moment.

I shot my Ice Magic at the dragon’s mouth.

“Freeze everything in its entirety!”

The dragon’s mouth froze and ice formed inside of it.

In one stroke, it seems that I had created an ice cave in the dragon’s mouth.


The dragon panicked and dropped to the ground and started running around.

With this, it was decided. Since it ended like this, I did not snatch away its life and brought my opponent into massive chaos.

The dragon running about indiscriminately is an excellent proof.

Eh? Running about in circle?

I suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

“Do not destroy my house! YOU MUST NOT DESTROY IT!”


However this dragon was running towards my house and suddenly bumped into my house.


The corner of my house broke.

My anger ignited.


I approached the dragon and whacked it.



With that punch, the dragon was knocked out.

It collapsed on the plateau with a thud.

Although it does not seem like it was dead, it received a huge amount of damage and was unable to move for now. It was just down.

As one would expect, because I used my fist to hit it, now my hand hurts. Since my fist is not broken, I guess it’s fine.

“Wh…What strength…. Even this great me got defeated so thoroughly…”

It seems like the dragon is also unable to believe in its current situation.

“First, it’s fine to call this as my victory….”

I saw that a portion of my house was destroyed.

The dragon shall reimburse me with no excuses.

“Nee, Leica the dragon.”

I approached the dragon and poked it slightly.

“Please do repair my house. I will not exempt you from not repairing it~”


1.道場破り is a term about people going to different dojo to fight. If he win, he will destroy the name etc. Like the manga History strongest disciple)



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