OP Waifus – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: The second OP waifu. And…


I put my hand on Rita’s chest as I try my best not to hurt her. Gently, I feel the sensation of Rita’s chest wrapping around my fingers. Ahh, it’s really soft. My fingers are being swallowed up. Heat is being transmitted to my hand, along with the *dokun* *dokun* of her rapid heartbeats.

Rita, who’s breathing roughly, turns away bashfully.

「……Nagi’s scent.」(Rita)

Rita sniffs the area near my ears with her nose like a puppy.

My back tingles. With my muscle memory from the time when I overwrote Cecyl, my preparations are all in order. It makes me feel that way…

「Invokeー『Reconstruction AbilityーSkill・ Structure』」(Nagi)

I open the window.


So that Rita’s【Divine Power Seal LV9】 will display in the window……


Rita’s body instantly arches like a bow.

I am just calling it out. It’s not like I am doing anything yet. Even so, it looks like a huge burden for Rita.

「I-I’m alright.」(Rita)

Rita puts her palm on top of my hand.

「This much is nothing. Being useless to Nagi would be worse.」(Rita)

「……I understand.」(Nagi)


I send my magical power deep inside Rita.

The image for the 【Divine Power Seal LV9】’s contents……

……Alright, I saw it. Is this the effect of the lock skill?

【Divine Power Seal LV9】

(1) 【Seal】the 【Owner】’s【Divine Power】skill. (Lock: Cannot be removed)

It’s a literal ability. A skill that seals the owner’s divine power, with a lock characteristic. 【Lock】【Can’t be removed】ー in other words, I can’t take it out.

Nevertheless, it’s shaking faintly when I look at it.

I can tell that it’s operating. Even now, this thing is constantly sealing Rita’s divine power in real time.  A type of skill that operates continuously… In other words, it will constantly【Seal the owner’s divine power】whether Rita is conscious or not.

It’s a nasty skill.

If it’s like this, then I have to disassemble its components and rewrite it quickly.

I summon a skill from within myself.

It’s the【Meditation LV1】skill that I received from Rita.

【Meditation LV1】

(2) 【Perceive】the【Five Sense】by being【Silent】skill.

In short, it’s a skill that people use to meditate?

Perfect. I’m going to use this guy.

「Here I go, Rita.」(Nagi)

「……Yeah. I’m ready……Nagi.」(Rita)

I touch the 【Divine Power Seal LV9】’s characters.

「………Nn-nh, ah!!!」(Rita)


Rita bites her lip.

This skill is different from the others. Is it because it’s a continuous operation type? Rita’s reaction is probably strong since it’s always operating as a part of her.

Rita breathes as if she’s suffocating whenever I touch the characters with my fingertips.


I pour my magical power into Rita’s skill.  I twist it around Rita’s 【Divine Power Seal LV9】 and try to unravel its general concept. Rita’s fingers dig into my palm on top of her chest.

The longer this drags on, the more it will burden Rita. Let’s finish this quickly.

I can’t touch the lock characters with my finger. The skill itself can’t be moved. So I quickly imagine replacing its contents without changing its casing.

I lightly wiggle the 【Seal】 character from the【Divine Power Seal LV9】.

「…………N-no. What is this? This… no…ah 」(Rita)

Rita’s voice changes. “uwaa~”, it’s like a hot sigh.

Alright……the【Seal】can be moved. After I confirm it, I place my hand on the 【Meditation LV1】’s characters. I slide them beside the 【Divine Power Seal LV9】’s characters. The characters come into contact with each other and shake.

「………Ah, a- ah. W-wait, this, something different. Strange. It feels strange. It’s different from what I thoughtーNagi’s magical power……coming in……clearly……wait. Just a littleー」(Rita)

I won’t wait. I force the 【Meditation LV1】’s characters into the lock skill’s characters.


Rita turns away her pure white throat. A seductive voice. Then she nuzzles her nose against my cheek. Like a puppy.

「……Wau! Ah………Ya──a!!!」(Rita)

The characters are shaking.

It’s alright. I know that the characters can be moved. The【Reconstruction Ability】is telling me so. That this can be overwritten. That although it seems like it can’t be moved, it will be accepted properly.

Once more.



「Wa!ーn-no. NagiーI won’t forgive you. Doing such things to me, I won’t forgiー」(Rita)

Contrary to her words, Rita grasps my hand tightly. And my fingers get buried deep, deep inside Rita’s large chest.

Rita’s large chest. It’s hot and shaking. It’s accepting me. I start to feel scared that my fingers will keep steadily sinking in.

I can feel something hot coming out as my magical power intertwines with Rita’s. Perhaps we’re being connected to each other like computers or smartphones by the cable known as 【Reconstruction Ability】.

What’s flowing isn’t an electrical signal, but magical power. And what’s being transferred is the huge amount of data known as a【Skill】. The body becomes hot since the data applies a load from being too large. It looks like I’m protected somehow as the owner of the 【Reconstruction Ability】, but  Rita’s hand is hotter than mine.

Rita….. I wonder if you’re alright.

「……N-no. If you look at me like that………I’ll be embarrassed…」(Rita)

Rita says with vacant eyes while turning her head away. I knew it……I should end this quickly.

I have to decide what’s should I do next. I seize the【Mediation LV1】’s charactersーand I push them in.

「──A-ah!! T-that’s why for you to do such thing…… I won’t forgive────No way. It can’t beーmaster………I’m sorryーNo, such things──」(Rita)

There’s a *clink* sound.

「Ahh!!! Ha……a……a……nn!!」(Rita)

Lock skill【Divine Power Seal LV9】is filled with 【Meditation LV1】’s characters. Then, I insert the【Divine Power Seal LV9】’s characters into 【Meditation LV1】.

My heart is beating vigorously. So is Rita’s. I feel our hearts beating identically as we become one through our magical power.

My magical power flows into Rita, then returns back to me. Every time I touch the characters, it goes back into Rita once again. Like that, the cycle repeats.

Rita is trembling while rubbing her thighs together. Somehow, I can tell that my magical power is rushing into her body.

「No good. No. I can’t hold back……」(Rita)

Rita’s nails scratch my palm.

「No good, no good!! I can’t take any more than this. Being seen……… Everything will be seen by Nagi…… no……… ah!!!」(Rita)

「Execute! 『Reconstruction Ability・Skill Structure』!!」

The rewritten skills shake.  As my magical power and Rita’s intertwine together, a new skill is bornー



*pakun* Rita takes my hand that pressed 【Execute】and holds it in her mouth.

My sweaty fingers and my palm are engulfed by something warm and wet.

「Nnh! Nn!! Nn──────────!!」(Rita)

Like a puppy play-biting, Rita bites my hand just a little bit with her teeth.

With her voice muffled like that, *bikun* her slender body lurches. My head becomes numb as pain is transmitted from my hand.

「ーAh, hau. A,ah…………」(Rita?)

The strength drains from Rita’s body.

「『Reconstruction Ability』completed. I’m glad you could make it, Rita.」(Nagi)


Releasing my hand from her mouth, Rita covers her face with both of her hands.

I have completely overwritten Rita’s【Divine Power Seal LV9】.

And the new skills that were createdー

(1) 【Perceive】the 【Owner】’s 【Divine Power】skill.

【Divine Power Grasp LV1】(Lock : Can’t be removed)

-Allows the owner to grasp their own divine power and concentrate it on any desired body part.
-The strength of the desire body part will increase thus reinforcing both its offensive and defensive power.
-Bonus damage for the【Divine Melee Fighting】will be doubled.
-Strengthens the 【Divine Protection】.
-Neutralizes poison, paralysis, curse and lethal magic.

(2)【Seal】the【Five Senses】by being【Silent】skill.

【Transcendental Sense LV1】

-By being 【Silent】, the owner can cut off his five senses.
-During the sensory deprivation, the sixth sense will become sharper.
-This skill can only be used once a day.

………Something really amazing just came out.

【Divine Power Grasp LV1】cannot be removed from Rita so I leave it as is.

And I have the 【Transcendental Sense LV1】ー is there a use for it?

With this, the skills that I have installed are:

Special Skill    【Reconstruction Ability LV2】

Common Skill 【Sword Gifting LV1】【Building Strike LV1】【Quick Analysis LV1】【Foreign World Language LV5】【Transcendental Sense LV1】

…… My 【Reconstruction Ability】has become LV2.

Did it increase from this just now……?

On top of that, I really don’t know what has changed.

As usual, this skill is a mystery.

Nevertheless, why I am the only one with such poor balance.

I should sort out the useless skills soon.


「……Ha……haa, jeez……like this…」(Rita)

「Rita, are you alright?」(Nagi)

I put my hand on top of her head.

Rita covers her face with both hands shyly. She’s shaking her head like a spoiled child.

「……Hau……no……I don’t have any strength……being seen………no……it’s embarrassing……」(Rita)



「……Eh? Eh……?」(Nagi)




Fluffy triangles are sticking out of her head.

This person.

「…… Animal ears?」(Nagi)

「U-ua, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」(Rita)

Clutching her face, Rita starts to cry.


Rita, the chief priest of the【Iturna Cult】. And her true identity is a demi-human who lived in the forest of the Sabaras continent.

Rita begins to speak about her past bit by bit with us now that we’ve seen her golden fluffy ears and tail.

Rita strayed from the demi-human clan when she was a child. Rather, she said that she was cast away. The reason was that she possesses human-level 【Divine Power】. And also because Rita has a mysterious power that can hide her tail and ears so that her appearance is the same as a human being. Though her original form is demi-human, she can switch to a human form. During that time she has proper human ears, and as long as nothing extreme happens, her animal ears and tail won’t come out unless she wills it.

Apparently in the demi-human world, rarely, such a child is born when either one of the parents is a human. In other words, Rita is probably a hybrid who inherited both parties’ traits.

When I say so, Rita smiles lonesomely while saying 『It’s not powerful enough to be called a skill…… I can’t remember anything about my parents, though.』.

The unfortunate thing for Rita was that in the demi-human community, social status and position are decided by the shape of the tail and the type of ear.  Rita was detested by the demi-humans since she possessed such strong 【Divine Power】and could become either human or demi-human.

And 【Iturna Cult】picked her up when she was loitering on the highway with her human appearance after she had been cast away. From there, she started a life of hiding her true identity for the sake of living. She only let out her tail and ears when there was nobody around. As the cult’s servant, she couldn’t relax throughout the day, until she was given a private room in the attic. Her identity would have been exposed a long time ago if she didn’t have the 【Presence Sense】skill.

No matter how 【Benevolent】the cult is, we can expect how it’s going to be internally. They are not generous enough to forgive a demi-human who got into the cult while disguised as a human.

Afterwards, Rita hid her identity like that and become the chief priest of the cult.

The reason Rita never tried to leave the cult was because she had a dream.

She apparently intended to become the Pope, change it bit by bit from within to stop the discrimination against demi-humans, and if it went well, reveal her true identity at that time.

And her ultimate goal was to find her family members who had forsaken her.

『Since human discrimination towards demi-humans has ceased, you have to accept me as well.』(Rita)

Rita tells us that she was going to say that when she found her family members. Though she mutters that she realizes it’s absurd and just a dream that will never come true.

I see.

When she talked about her『demi-human friends』, it was about her friends and family members huh……


「I  always thought that humans are beings that discriminate against other races, since I was in the cult the whole time.」(Rita)

Rita says as her ears twitch.

「But then, I started to think the other way around when I saw Cecyl-chan and Nagi together. I wonder if it’s like Nagi regards Cecyl-chan as something important and Cecyl-chan is yearning for Nagi? When I saw it, I felt that I was being ridiculous, trying to rise through the cult……」(Rita)

Like “why was I being so indirect?”.

“Rather than looking for family members who don’t accept me, I want to make friends with the human who seems like he would accept me right here and now – is what I was thinking”, Rita says.

Like that, she sobs and bows her head, saying 「I’m sorry」over and over again. She tries to hold down her ears and tail with her hands as if they are bothering her.

While stuttering like a child, Rita continues speaking.

「I’m sorry… Sorry… I’m not that deserving. I’m not some splendid human who doesn’t discriminate against dark elves. I’m demi-human. I was deceiving both Cecyl-chan and Nagi……」(Rita)

「I don’t really mind about that.」(Nagi)

Is that why you called me a『Heretic』for making Cecyl a slave?

Well, of course, I’d be really angry too if my fellow demi-human (who, moreover, looks very young) was forced to wear a collar and dragged around by a human.

In the modern world, something on that level would get you reported.

「I usually hide them away, that’s why there’s no danger of my identity getting exposed to the cult, even from now on.」(Rita)

「Y-yeah. That’s alright……yeah.」(Nagi)

Rita bows her head many times to reassure us.

Then it’s good.

Well, either way we’re planning to get out of Metekal as soon as we save up some money, though.

「But, is alright to tell us your identity?」(Nagi)

「……I actually wanted to tell you about it before the deputy bishop intruded in.

Besides, the reason I can talk to you like this is because I’ve already been fired from the cult.」(Rita)

「If you were exposed when you were the head priest, would it have been the death penalty?」(Nagi)

「In the worst case. At best, on top of having my divine power sealed, I would’ve been forced through obedience training not to defy the cult and sent to the frontlines.」(Rita)

「Both of those are the worst……」(Nagi)

「I’m sorry……I’m sorry, Nagi.」(Rita)

「No, I don’t really care whether Rita is a human or a demi-human.」(Nagi)

Yeah. I don’t really mind it at all.

「Rather, I was like “oh, so there are fluffy types too”.」(Nagi)


Rita’s eyes begin to sparkle.

Those golden ears and tail are twitching.

……I’m really glad that I didn’t hand over Rita to the deputy bishop.

I don’t know what she would have gone through had that guy found out about Rita’s identity.

「I’m sorry……Cecyl-chan.」(Rita)

「I’m from the demon race. 」(Cecyl)

That was sudden.

Cecyl said it while looking at Rita whose face is crumpled with tears.

「I’m the last survivor of a family who couldn’t adapt to human society and possessed high magical power. That’s the demon race.」(Cecyl)

Cecyl looks at Rita while smiling gently.

「Does Rita-san hate me because of that?」(Cecyl)

「……How could I?!」(Rita)

「I still like that Rita-san.」(Cecyl)


And both of them grasp each other’s hands.


Ah, come to think of it…

「I’m also not a human from this world. I’m a 【Visitor】.」(Nagi)


「A【Visitor】, a human who came from another world.」(Nagi)

「………humph. So what? Nagi is Nagi right?」(Rita)

Rita looks relieved.

Well, she couldn’t relax since she’s been hiding her identity up till now. Especially when she was together with that perverted deputy bishop.


Rita stands and bows deeply to me.

「………Please punish me, master.」(Rita)


Rita sits on top of the bed and looks at me.

Her triangular ears and her tail are drooping.

「I hid my identity from Master. And I even called you a heretic. That’s why, please punish me.」(Rita)

「No way, rather, you called me a heretic before we made the【Contract】, right?」(Nagi)

「I hate it! I hate that it looks like I came here to get away from the cult and not because I want to become friends with you two! Even if Nagi doesn’t think that way, I hate it! So… punish me. Let me believe that Nagi has accepted me.」(Rita)

……Even if you tell me that.

In the first place, Rita is still Rita. I’m ok though her identity is a demi-human. And she even had her divine power sealed as she shouted and kicked the bishop for our sake. I never thought that she came here to run away from the cult anyway.

But……since Rita is going this far.

「Ah but no ecchi things alright?」(Rita)

Rita shakes her head as she blushes.

「From earlier……… My heart is still beating fast, my body feels tingly……so. Anything else! I’ll do anything not ecchi! So come at me!」(Rita)

……I wasn’t even considering something like that, alright?

No, honestly.

Why are you looking at me with such scornful eyes, Cecyl?

I won’t do anything bad for your education, you know?

We did do a lot earlier, but, y’know, that was in order to tamper with her skillsーwhich reminds me.

「Yeah. Understood. Then, let’s use this.」(Nagi)

I take out a skill orb from my backpack.

It’s the 【Unarmed Combat LV1】that I created when we fought the 【Leviathan】. I set it aside since I thought that it didn’t suit me.

「………N-nagi? Master………?」(Rita)

「This 【Unarmed Combat LV1】is perfect for Rita. I’ll install it into you. Right now. Though I can’t reconstruct this guy anymore, I want to check what has been changed for my【Reconstruction Ability LV2】.」(Nagi)

「【Reconstruction Ability】? Again? W-wait……that, that sort of punishment……uhmm.」(Rita)

I’m just confirming the skill’s effect, what’s the big deal?

「You said “come at me”, right?」(Nagi)

「I’m sorry, I lied…… that was a lie. Aaaaaaaaaaa!! M-mou, ya……ya, yaaaaaa!! Waaaan. I knew it, Nagi is a heretic────────!!!!」(Rita)

How disgraceful.

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