Pervy Healer – Chapter 31

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After Marietta points it out, Eris quickly covers her breasts. Yuel stares at Eris in amazement, then looks back at me like she’s scrutinizing my facial expression.
…Even if you want me to do something about your chest situation, there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

About all I could do is show Yuel my own chest and tell her, “Don’t worry, I’m the same, we match” to console her. If I did that Yuel would cry.

So yeah, let’s pretend I didn’t see anything and keep talking to Marietta.

「Am I the only one the knight brigade is asking to cooperate?」

「Errr, y-yes, at present that is the case.」

Marietta glances in Eris’ direction as she answers. It’s a bit of a loaded statement. Does saying “at present” mean that there might still be the possibility of calling out to her eventually? Like if more capable healers turn them down, there’s still the possibility that average healers like Eris will have their turn come up? Meaning that if the quality is bad then they’ll have to settle for quantity.

But then what should I do? To be honest, I kinda feel like it’s a hassle. If monsters are swarming outside the city, there’s a part of me that just wants to stay safe within the city and spend my time observing Eris’ breasts.

It would be easy enough to say “Please ask someone else”.

But… Yuel is looking at me right now. With a somewhat nervous expression, she’s steadily watching me.

And before my eyes there stands a timid female knight who’s in great distress. She’s here to implore me to lend my strength in defense of the city where we all live. I get the feeling that as Yuel’s master, who’s respectable for his nobleness, kinder and more altruistic than anyone, and totally the coolest, I can’t refuse.

Right, to Yuel, my personality wouldn’t allow me to hesitate.

The respect for me in Yuel’s eyes is slightly clouded now, but it would be unpleasant in a lot of ways if it were to disappear. Like if she were to find out the precise reason why I got kicked out of Eris’ hospital, or what exactly I was doing to Ruruka under the pretense of medical treatment. My evaluation would no doubt plummet from respect to contempt.

Well, knights are strong enough to easily capture former adventurers who’ve committed crimes. If I’m protected by that group, I doubt I’ll have to face much danger anyway. So long as I don’t get lost within the forest, I’m sure everything will be fine.

Besides, if I were to refuse this invitation and some other healer went in my place and died, that would leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I can use EX Heal, so I won’t die so easily, and if anyone gets mortally wounded I can deal with it. I have no intention of showing EX Heal to people who might have noble connections such as knights, but thinking about the possibilities, it’s probably best if I go along.

While I’m thinking about it, I suddenly raise my head. Perhaps taking my silent deliberation as a sign of my intent to refuse, Marietta becomes teary-eyed. It’s a bit cute. With that lack of self-confidence she feels kinda like a small animal. Now that I get a closer look, her tits aren’t bad either.
Then, with her head slightly lowered, Marietta nervously asks for my response.

「Is it too much to ask?」

「It’s not.」

It’s not too much at all. In fact I’d like for you to pay me the reward with your body, if possible. I don’t say that out loud though.

「R-Really!? T-That’s such a relieeef. I couldn’t even meet with any eminent members of the church, and other hospitals turned me away since they had their own business to maintain. I don’t know what I’d do if I was refused again…!」

Upon my words, Marietta shows a relieved expression. Yuel nods as if she can relate. As we’re about to conclude the discussion–

「W-Wait a minute, won’t it be dangerous?」

Eris’ cheeks blush shyly as she opens her mouth. Her face is red, but her expression is serious.

But rather than that, wouldn’t it be better to go change clothes right away? You’re hiding your chest with your hands but it’s not hidden. Or what, are you that worried about me?

Oh my. Oh me oh my. You’re completely hopeless, Eris.

「If Shiki goes, then won’t Yuel-chan go with him? Yuel-chan can fight, but I’m still worried about her.」

Ah, of course. I won’t die that easily, right. Since I can use healing magic, right.

「I-I… will follow Master wherever he goes! Master, I will protect you!」

Then, Yuel responds to Eris’ words with that. As far as I can tell from her expression, she seems considerably determined. I’m a bit worried that she keeps glancing back at Eris’ chest, though.

「Errrrr, there shouldn’t be any problem with bringing a personal guard. Back at the adventurer’s guild, they did mention that the dark elf girl who’s always with you is quite strong. And as for the knight brigade, we will ensure your safety… although we can’t make any absolute guarantees.」

It would be quite disgraceful for the knight brigade to deny someone an escort and then have them get injured, I suppose. Honestly, I’d be more comfortable if Marietta vetoed Yuel’s involvement at this point, but it seems that would be unfavorable from the knight brigade’s stance. Well, Yuel has skill and combat experience from the dungeon. She shouldn’t become a hindrance. Maybe it’s fine for her to come along. And it’d probably be difficult to convince her to stay when I’m going. Let’s give it a shot.

「Ah, but don’t worry, alright? The knight brigade will properly protect you! No matter if it’s an Armor Ogre variant infesting the highway, or a flight of Forest Drakes in the depths of the forest, the knight brigade won’t fall behind!」

I’ve never heard of those monsters, but from the names I get the feeling that they’re strong. Are those the types of powerful monsters that exist in this area?

Looking at Eris, she’s displeased, but it seems she won’t say anything further. Maybe she sensed from the look on Yuel’s face that it would be difficult to dissuade her.

「W-Well then, please excuse me for today. We set out early tomorrow morning, so please assemble at the south city gate.」

Then, after her parting remark, she looks at Eris on the spur of the moment–

「…A-Also, umm, if possible, I’d like to know… how did they get to be that big? D-Does… rubbing them help after all?」

–and asks her for some advice.




After Marietta leaves, Yuel’s expression turns dark.

Eris told Marietta that she didn’t rub her breasts or anything in order to increase her bust size. She waved her hands fervently while explaining with embarrassment that she didn’t do anything special.

Is it because of that?

Let’s not talk to Yuel right now. It’s not impossible that she’ll take Marietta’s “they grow if you rub them” seriously. There’s also the possibility that she’ll ask me to do it.




A while later, Yuel recovers and calls out to me. Her facial expression feels a bit stiff, though.

「Master, could we go shopping?」


「Yes, I want to make adequate preparations for leaving the city. Besides, that…」

Then Yuel starts fidgeting with her bank card which she’s holding.

I see. I get it. Yuel has been paying close attention to the balance displayed on her bank card lately. When she finds the time, she occasionally works part-time at the tavern. I guess she finally saved up enough money.



We do as Yuel suggested and head out into the streets to buy spare knives, food rations, and other provisions.

Afterwards, Yuel leads me by the hand… to an accessory shop near the center of town.

Glancing over the shelves, there are a wide variety of rings, bracelets, and earrings.

What’s going on? I have a bit of a bad feeling about this.

Don’t tell me Yuel is going to present me with a ring? The kind that gets put on the fourth finger of your left hand?

If Yuel uses up all the money she’s been working so hard for to buy me a ring, and then looks at me with those pure eyes full of expectation, could I disregard that?

After giving me the ring, those blue eyes would stare at me intently, watching to see which finger I put it on. I can easily imagine Yuel’s tears if I put that ring anywhere but the ring finger on my left hand.

If that situation comes to pass, I might just end up putting the ring on my ring finger. Then Eris would be disgusted when we return to the hospital. That’s most likely how things would develop.

While I’m thinking about it, Yuel comes over with something in her hand.

「Master, this is… a return gift.」

In Yuel’s hand is… a bracelet, set with processed magic stones.

「A-A bracelet?」

Thank goodness. It’s not a ring. I’m truly relieved that it’s not a ring.

「Yes. It’s not much, but there’s an enchantment on it that will take a fatal blow for you. Once it activates… it will break, though.」

I thought it was just decorative, but it’s an awfully practical item. Nah, knowing Yuel, this is so like her.

And it’s expensive. Although the effect is minor, it’s an enchanted accessory. The price must be high enough to eat up all of her part-time job earnings. Even though I only bought her a negligee for like a thousand Zeni.

Is it my imagination or did Yuel’s expression darken a bit? Maybe it doesn’t suit me after all.

「Ah, excuse me, could I have another one of these bracelets in a different color?」

「Very well. Let’s see, that will be 20,000 Zeni.」

…So in Japanese currency this bracelet costs about 200,000 yen? White Day presents are only supposed to be up to three times more expensive, but it would seem Yuel has returned my gift twenty-fold. I’m taken aback by the price, but only a little. I mean, for an enchanted accessory it’s probably on the cheap side.

Yuel looks somewhat crestfallen as I complete the purchase and receive the bracelet, but then I attach it to her wrist.

「Now we match, right?」

「…! Yes!」

Yuel’s face lights up as she softly strokes the bracelet in delight.

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