Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 0

Chapter 0: Family meeting and departure.

Translator: D0dz

Editor: Matty

TLC: Yomigaeru


Both of my parents are running their own electronics store in town.

In this day and age, however, it’s hard to get by on just the revenue from an electrical appliance store.

And so, in addition to running the electronics store, they set up a second-hand shop.

Ever since I grew to have a sense of mind, I was drawn to the family business by my parents, and learned how to repair all sorts of electronic devices; I eventually became a lynchpin in the store’s assessment process. These skills have allowed me to repair a wide range of household appliances by the time I entered house school. I could even identify the branding of any pen.

Ever since I can remember, I have had electronics repair and the essential evaluation methods of a second-hand shop driven into me by my parents. Thanks to that, by the time I entered high school I was able to do basic electronics repair as well as evaluate a wide range of goods, from brand names to a single pen. (Yomi)

Today is the first day of April. This spring marks my third year of high school. And right now, I am in the middle of my spring break.

At the moment, I’m just snuggling up comfortably in my futon. I was thinking of helping my parents at the store today, but the idea of leaving my futon got lost somewhere along

But, if i don’t help them, I won’t get any pocket money..

*tatta*tatta* Gacha.*

Who was that? Entering my room without my consent..

Is it Mom?


Ugh!! Hーheavy…..

“Brothーer! Good mornーing! Wa-keーuup! Mom and Dad are calling for you!”

“Hey, sister, please wake me up more gently next time. Besides, you’re heavy!”

“You’re so cruel, brother! What’s with this my little sister is ‘heavy?! Say that again, and I won’t come to wake you up tomorrow!”

“Yeah, sorry. I’ll always love my cute little sister.”.

“Good thing you understand, brother. Oh, and this morning seems to be the ‘9th Family Meeting’ , so hurry up!”

“Why does it have to be first thing in the morning… Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s get this over with.”

The two of us descend the stairs and head straight for the living room together.

My Mom and Dad are already sitting at the table. There are enough filled coffee mugs for four people present upon it.

I take a seat and drink a mouthful of coffee.

Uーn.. the usual flavor! Well then, let’s get this started.

“Father will begin first. It’s a serious announcement~! Ha~ho!”

“Father has a biiiggg announcement! Ooo, drum roll please!”

“You’re so noisy in the morning, Father.. Then, what’s the agenda like this time?”

“Thank you for listening, Yuki! This is a serious announcement, very unlike before!”

“Why are you speaking in third person?”

“Am I getting another sibling?” (Yomi)

“No, no, I’m not. Business is steadily growing so we can finally leave the house now. So, the both of us are going on a trip.”

Father guzzles on his coffee while some of it dribbles onto the table. My mom sees it and wipes the table with a towel promptly after.

“That was supposed to be a serious announcement? You can just tell us that normally.”

“I haven’t gotten to the important part yet. Yuki, my love, listen up. Your mother and I are going to travel around the world for a whole year.”

“Wa-wait a minute.. I’m going to attend high school this spring! What about school?! And who’s going to take care of the house?!”

“I’ve got that sorted out already. The chairman from your school board is an old friend of mine. We managed to get your entry to the school all settled. That’s why, starting today, Ai-chan will be in charge of house chores, so just do your best at school, okay?”

“Uhmm… Dad? Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, Yuki. Your question will be acknowledged.”

“No, I’ll speak it even if you don’t acknowledge it. What about living expenses and the stores?”

“I’m going to deposit your living expenses at the end of every month. As for the stores, I’ll entrust them to you! Well, for any at home repair services, just limit yourself to the nearby neighborhood. And for business operations, you should be able to open it at the appropriate hours. If it’s Yuki we’re talking about, it’ll be fine!”

“.. Are you serious? I’m just a greenhorn in high school. In the first place, your absence for an entire year would be kind of weird, you know..”

“Are you serious? I’m just a highschooler, you know? What kind of parents disappear for a year, anyway? I’m against this!” (Yomi)

Living alone with Ai…

There will be the school, the stores, and family too.

There’s a lot of problems with this!

“Listen, Yuki. You are going to be eighteen tomorrow. At eighteen, you can become a splendid full-fledged member of society. You gotta just muscle through it! Don’t’ worry for the store maintenance. The store account is set to automatically handle those expenses. And 10% of the operation profit will go into your pockets, you know. Ai will be in charge of the business ledgers. “

What the heck.. I didn’t mishear that just now, right? Ten percent? If the revenue amounts to one million a month, I could get 100,000 yen! Just selling a 100,000 yen LCD TV would net me 10,000 yen! What’s up with that!?

“.. Father… Ai and I will be able to do it. Don’t worry about anything. Leave it to us. Take your time and leave the house to me!”

“Wait a minute, brother.. Is it really all right? We are going to be living together from now on, alone.. “

“What about it? It’ll be fine! We’ll split the chores between ourselves.”

That’s right.

This is a true rite of passage for my coming of age. I will make it together with Ai!

“Ai, someday, you are going to be a bride, so you should take this matter seriously. My ‘Mother Confidential Notebook’ will be at the usual place so you can look through it whenever you find yourself in trouble..”

“Thank you, mother. I’m still a little uneasy, but I’ll try my best.”

Thus, it’s decided that Ai and I are going to live together. I’ve never dreamed of the day my parents would be gone for such a long time, and especially not at this time.

This night we are having a bit of a luxury dinner.

After we finish, Ai and mother went to bed.

My Father and I, on the other hand, are not turning in early, as per usual.

He ushered me off to bed with just a few words before going to sleep himself.

『Protect your family. You can do it.』.

The following day, my parents hauled their luggage out of the house and departed in a taxi.



4 thoughts on “Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 0”

  1. Yeah.. that makes sense.
    “Hey our business is doing ok now, so now we are going to vanish for a year and leave our underage kids to fend for themselves.”
    “We know they need to focus on school, but instead we will leave the management of cooking, cleaning, and general maintenance of the house to them. ”
    “Oh, and instead of planning this with our kids so that they know it’s going to happen. We are going to spring it on them the night before we leave.”
    ^ roll model parents right there.


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