Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Necklace and Stripes

Tranlsator: D0dz

Editor: Boomer


*tatta* *tatta* *gacha*


I’m awake!

Anyhow, I’ll be at the top of my game!

I’ll avoid (her) splendidly today!

Three, two one. Now!

I slip out from my bed brilliantly, and there is no one except my sister, whose body was sent flying from the assault.

My sister is laying face down on the bed because of that, and I could see her skirt rolled up. Well, this is bad.

I could see blue and white stripes.

As a brother, let’s decide that I didn’t see it.

Yup, that’s the correct answer.

I need to hurry up and wash my face! Today is the school’s opening ceremony for my little sister!

“Brother, you saw it, didn’t you?” [Ai]

“What are you saying, I wonder? I didn’t see anything” [Yuki]

“Tell me the truth, or today’s breakfast will only be jam.” [Ai]

“I’m sorry. I saw it clearly. It had blue and white stripes.” [Yuki]

In front of my eyes, my sister is taking a daunting pose.

Then suddenly, a punch exploded on my right cheek.


“Oww! Dang! That hurts! Since you know martial arts, I want you to be a little bit considerate!” [Yuki]

“Do you want to get hit on another cheek? You should say something, shouldn’t you?” [Ai]

“I’m sorry. I’ll be careful from now on.” [Yuki]

“Haa… good grief. Change your clothes quickly, I’ll cook the rice, and I’ve taken your uniform out.” [Ai]

“Thanks! As expected of you. You saved me. Today’s ponytail looks really cute on you!” [Yuki]

Today is the annual school entrance ceremony.

I’m just going today to decide on a class.

I ride on my bike and put it in reverse like usual. By the time I grab my helmet and am about to depart, for some reason, Ai is also holding a helmet by the entryway.

“Why are you holding a helmet?” [Yuki]

“Why? Of course I’m going to go together with you. I’m going to ride on your back. Please~ It was my dream for us to go to school together.” [Ai]

“Your dream, huh… You should go by train as usual on the first day. Aren’t you embarrassed to go together with me?” [Yuki]


“I’m not embarrassed at all! Come on, let’s go quickly! We’ll be late.” [Ai]

“Listen to me. Are you going to dress just like that?” [Yuki]

“Eeh? But you have to go in uniform, don’t you? It’s plain clothes for only the university students though.” [Ai]

“Well, that’s the way it is. When the bike is on the move, the wind is going to blow over the whole body, how should I say this…” [Yuki]

“Hahaha- You sure are perverted brother. Are you worried about my skirt rolling up? If that’s the case, then it’s alright. I’ve put on shorts, don’t worry!” [Ai]

“Ah… I see. A-hem! Then it’s good… well…” [Yuki]

“Then, brother! Let’s depart!” [Ai]

“Yes, yes. Let’s hurry up and go. Hold on tightly, alright!” [Yuki]

I got off from the bike when we arrived at the school.

“However, this situation. Ai has become a high school student, although there is no progress in her growth.” [Yuki]

“What are you saying all of a sudden! My height has exceeded 150cm! Geeze! I’m not small!” [Ai]

“You’re wrong. It’s here. Here.” [Yuki]

I placed my palm on my chest, and knocked and tapped them.

“Th… That’s not it!! They are not A!!! What are you saying so suddenly! Stupid brother!” [Ai]

Although my sister is almost at the verge of crying, she heads toward the assembly for the school entrance ceremony.

My cute, prideful little sister has changed, huh…

Although, she is a bit violent.

Voices can be heard from the gymnasium.

The school entrance ceremony seems to have started.

From this point, I’ll have to decide what to choose for my lessons till next year, and submit them quickly.

But when you actually look at it, I tried my best during my first and second year, so I have a lot of free time in the third year.

The first year students will have a lot to talk about, so I’ll head home first.

Ai will have to return home by train.

Just in case, I’ll send her a text.

Well, school ends at noon, and I’m planning to do some preparation for the store’s opening.

“Excuse me-! There’s a delivery! Your signature, please!” [Man]

There are two boxes.

One from mother.

The other from father.

Why didn’t you send them in the same box?! The addresses are from different places?!

For the time being, I will open the box from my father.

Inside there is a golden lock, and five necklaces, along with keys.

The other item is an envelope.

The keys to the necklaces are platinum, gold, silver, copper and iron-ish colored.

There are no marks on the keys, but there are many intricate patterns carved on them.

Surely, they are expensive.

The lock is surely made from real gold.

The carved pattern is also fashionable.

Undoubtedly, it’s a souvenir from my father.

Immediately, I tried on the necklace that matched with the platinum like key.

It may be a little bit cool.

I would recommend the silver one for Ai.

Can you open the lock with this key?

That reminds me! The lock to the shed for the cleaning tools was broken.

Let’s use it as a lock for the shed, because it’s been a pain.

Hold the lock in your hand, and replace the broken lock on the tool shed with the golden lock.

Aa-! It’s perfect!

Since it’s troublesome, let’s lock it! Let’s tell Ai about it when she returns!


2 thoughts on “Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 2”

  1. …What’s going on with their financial situation? First we are told that the family runs two stores because money is tight, and now that they have gotten slight breathing room the parents go on a full year trip around the world while buying expensive souvenirs left and right? I smell a terrible debt on the horizon!


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