Sister Is Jealous – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Magic and Pot lid.

Translator: D0dz

Editor: Boomer


“Pervert. Sicko”

I’m likely not a pervert.

There are some aspects of me that are slightly erotic, but by no means is it abnormal.

“No, I’m a gentleman. I’m not a pervert.” [Yuki]

“Your remark lacks persuasiveness. What kind of gentleman has that appearance?” [Girl]

I’m naked with a tray obscuring my crotch.

Certainly, it looks like I’m a suspicious person!

“No, no. I’m not.” [Yuki] But that’s also totally suspicious.

“Certainly, I’m like this right now, but I was wearing my clothes just a moment ago.” [Yuki]

“I don’t take your words at face value. Oh well, let me ask you several questions.” [Girl]

“Ah… that’s good. Instead of only answering them, I’d like to ask some questions too.” [Yuki]

“Ok. Let’s exchange questions and answers alternately. However, if you’re thinking about something suspicious, even just a bit, this will happen.” [Girl]

Again, I experienced a tinnitus.

It’s been awhile since the last one…

“Holy spirit of the wind, grant me the power. Wind Crow!” [Girl]

Something seemed to gather on the girl’s’ right hand.

I’m seized by a bad premonition. Right away, I take a pot lid nearby, and use it as a shield. In the next moment, a shock ran through the pot lid.

There is no loud sound, but something was cut, followed by a shock. I timidly take a look at the pot lid, and there are traces of scratches on it. What was that just now?

“I’m surprised. I never thought that you would block it. You have good reflexes, don’t you.” [Girl]

“I’m surprised too. What was that just now? Was something flying?” [Yuki]

“Secret. Anyway, tell me. What’s your name?” [Girl]

“My name is Yuki. Yuki Kinoshita.” [Yuki]

“So, are you a noble?” [Girl]

“Noble? No, I’m an ordinary citizen. There are no nobles these days.” [Yuki]

“What are you looking for in here?” [Girl]

“How should I put it… I was supposed to take the rags and the bucket from the toolbox here…” [Yuki]

“Are you trying to steal the bucket and rags from my tool box?” [Girl]

“Then, for some reason, I was standing here naked. Really. I’m curious about it.” [Yuki]

“Standing there naked… You just realized that?” [Girl]

At the next moment, a long knife came flying from the girl’s right hand. Hey-!!!!!

By a hair’s breadth, somehow I managed to block the knife with the pot lid.

I look at the beautiful silver knife.

It’s undoubtedly made of silver! Tch, this isn’t the time to think about that! It’ll stab me if I’m careless! Stab me!

“Calm down! Don’t just suddenly hurl a knife! Why did you attack me just now?!” [Yuki]

“I attacked you because of your explanation just now. You are dangerous.” [Girl]

“Listen to my story! It’ll be fine after that!” [Yuki]

“I won’t listen to it. It’s pointless.” [Girl]

“My life is the one that’s in danger! Listen to my explanation!” [Yuki]

I’m sweating profusely.

This is the first time that I feel that my life is danger.

Moreover, the choices about how the situation will develop are held by the other party.

I don’t have a weapon.

Undoubtedly, that girl had more weapons with her. The sweat is dripping from my forehead. I put down the pot lid, and wipe my sweat with a white cloth that was next to it.

“Haa, haa… l-let’s calm down and talk to each other. Fu-”  [Yuki]

Immediately, again, several knives came flying from the girl’s right hand.

I don’t have my pot lid.

This is bad! I can’t defend myself!!!

Immediately, similar to the movie that I’ve watched before, I bend backwards and avoided all the knives. That’s dangerous! It’s good that I watched that movie!

“Yuki, was it? Your name.” [Girl]

“That’s right. It’s Yuki” [Neo]

“Return the white cloth on your right hand immediately. This instant.” [Girl]


“This is, I sweat involuntarily. My bad.” [Yuki]

I roll up the white cloth and throw it to her. Then, the white cloth spread in the air…

Oh, it’s panties.

She’s mad for sure. Uh… perhaps it’s my bad.

“Sorry. I didn’t know it was a pair of panties. I’m sorry.”  [Ultimate Lewd Master Yuki]

Her face is turning red as she holds the white cloth in her hand, and goes out through the door. I haven’t hear her name yet. What’s going to happen to me? For the time being, let’s wait quietly until she comes back…

A short time later, she did come back.

“Yuki, for the time being, take this.” [Girl]

The girl hands over a bundle. What is this? Clothes?

“This is?” [Yuki]

“A long time ago, I sheltered a lost traveller. They are a man’s clothes. It’s the only thing that I have (that will fit you)” [Girl]

“I see. You saved me. It’s troubling to look at someone when they are naked, no matter what!” [Yuki]

My face turns red, and I look down. However, the atmosphere is different from before. Did something happen?

“Good! Thank you. The clothes, they’re perfect. By the way, may I ask what your name is now?” [Yuki]

“My name is Ruel, of the Elf tribe. Is Yuki from the human tribe?” [Ruel]

“Ruel, is it? That’s a cute name. I’m a human. But I don’t know if I’m from the human tribe.” [Yuki]

“I’ve never seen someone that didn’t know about the Elf tribe. Who the heck are you? What are you really doing here?” [Ruel]

“I already said it, I was here when I tried to take the bucket and rags from the cleaning shed at my home. Where is this place?” [Yuki]

“Uh, this is my shop in the southern area of the Reizon kingdom. More precisely, it’s the shop’s warehouse. Behind you, I store the cleaning tools of my shop.” [Ruel]


I might have come to another world. Next time I’ll write a letter…



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