Heyo, been a while since I directly posted (>.>). This time, it was pushed onto me since I have (not really, but I like to believe) OCD when it comes to the posting format, and no one who posts a chapter knows how to follow it. I then proceed to (jokingly) rage at everyone. Also, sorry that there was no ABM chapter this week. But there will definitely be one next Wednesday. In addition to that, sorry that chapter two of SKM wasn’t posted yesterday, everyone was a bit busy and didn’t have time to post it.

Enough of my pointless rambling though. Without further ado, here is chapter 2 of SKM, and chapter 27 of MLW!

SKM Chapter 2: Link

MLW Chapter 27: Link

Edit: Had to fix chapter 27 because of version mistake.


One thought on “SKM and MLW”

  1. typical all abbreviations can’t tell what you’re clicking to read lol. not gonna try a new novel when I can’t even tell what it is called so just gonna read max level witch.


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