Not Major, Yet Not Minor Announcement

Flowingcloud here~! Tl;dr at the bottom!

Hello, everyone. It is I, Flowingcloud, bringing an announcement (that’s only related to me). Well, time to start things off, sorry for Jewels. I promised weekly updates, but that’s clearly not happening right now. IRL is too much right now, but I’ll be free soon. Even with that, I’m not sure if I can constantly update Jewels, therefore, I will break my promise and update Jewels occasionally, meaning no set release frequency, but it’ll always be posted on Tuesday (lol).

Shameless promotion for Jusco! Chapters will be coming out soon (within a week), so keep your eyes out for it.

Ah, this is just mainly related to my Patreon, but I’m sorry for the delays. I’ll update the chapters soon! I will get MLW ahead on Patreon ASAP hopefully. Please bare with me, I’m only a human being, not a machine.

Shameless request for you to turn off ad-block. Doesn’t cost you anything to have ad-block off and let a few ads run… if you click on one or two that would be great too…

Oh, you may think I’m stupid, but it’s merely cause IRL hit me hard recently. Once a get on track I’ll become the machine everyone knows me for again. Let’s introduce the stuff that I decided to pick up.
-First, is the visual novel Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody (aka Otome no Melody). Ensemble is a great studio, so look forward to the teaser that I’m releasing soon. Planned release for the entire translation is sometime Winter 2018.
-Second, I’ll be picking up two manga. The first one, not surprising, is MLW manga. WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF FOR THE MANGA (TL/CLEANER/REDRAW), so join our Discord, and DM me or one of our admins/mods, pref contact Xsspeed. Second one, not really picking up, but I’m joining Cafe Scanlation to translate/proofread Amanchu. Haha, I’m in trial period cause I haven’t fully translated a chapter, but it’s only merely time.
-Here’s my current word load:

Join our Discord and communicate with the staff!

Also, we’re constantly looking for people to join the team, but translators and translation checkers are the highest priority. Editors/Proofread better be very very very high skill, if you’re applying. We have too many editors, too little translators lol. Apply here.

-Jewels is now infrequent release.
-Read Jusco
-Flowingcloud’s Patreon will start catching up.
-Turn of ad-block please.
-IRL too much, but I still want to translate tons of stuff. Scroll to bullet points to see what I’m translating.
-Join our Discord.


3 thoughts on “Not Major, Yet Not Minor Announcement”

  1. I’m sorry but even if I were to join your discord I wouldn’t be able to be active;
    I already have way too many discord servers I’m part of and I can’t join I’m on mobile right now.


  2. I’m definitely interested in the VN since the art looks very nice and it reminds me of Otome no Boku ni Koishiteru with the crossdressing aspect. XD I look forward to seeing updates on it.

    No worries about release speed. RL happens, not a big deal~


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