MLW – Chapter 45

Uh, I’m officially off hiatus now! I don’t know how long the MLW queue is so I gotta calculate it later. The reasons to why it took so long….. well join our Discord channel to find out! Other than that, I have noticed people have been flaming me about inconsistencies and I only have one thing to say: I’m a human, not a machine. (Get the pun? lmao) I’m releasing a survey that hopefully people who have time to type to flame me can fill out to be more productive. I’ll be getting the Jewels chapter out within a few days (or maybe tomorrow), so let’s have a good new year! Btw MLW is being released by Yen Press in March I think, so make sure you support the official translations as well.

MLW Queue: TBA (unless one of you guys wanna calculate it for me)

Inconsistency Survey: here

Chapter 45: here


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