MLW – Chapter 30

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Lecia Tried to Think About Love

“Fa~a. Good morning, Leica.”

When I left my room to go to the dining room, everyone had already gathered. Leica was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, Master. It’s rare for Master to be this relaxed.”

“Harukara, morning. Well, there’s also days like this.”

“No way, I spent the night with Leica without sleeping…”

“You, you have some intensity about you… buying a new grimoire, getting absorbed, and reading all night. My daughters are here so be more careful with your language.”

“Yes, sorry, Master…”

It’s good that it seems like you’re reflecting honestly.

“But I’m still young. So, how can I put this? I’m still looking for romance. It doesn’t even have to be my own romance, I just want someone’s romance around me!”

Harukara complained while eating.

“By the way, when you said young, how old are you?”

“S-seventeen years old… and two thousand five hundred months.”

“Two hundred years old, and plenty over.”

Although I, who has lived for three hundred years, should not be saying that.

“No, elves are in their prime at this age! Let’s set aside the talk about age for now. Don’t we have any like… romance to talk about!?”

“To be blunt, no.”

In my three hundred years, I have never experienced the thing called love. Not at all.

“Well then, what about Farufa-chan and Sharusha-chan? Have they not fallen in love?”

“Mama, I love you!”

“Sh-Sharusha is also like that……”

The moment my daughters said they loved me, it was priceless. I thought it was good to be alive.

“Ah~, not things like that, but don’t you have experiences like fancying a man? No, well, it’s okay for it to even be a woman in that case.”

“Hey… will you not teach my daughters weird things…?”

“Master, that’s rather counterproductive! On the contrary, if they don’t have too much knowledge concerning love, your daughters may end up getting hurt. If your daughters go by human values, it wouldn’t be strange for you to have grandchildren at the age that they are at right now…

“Ugghh…That’s a reasonably fair argument…”

Certainly, there is no basis to assert that my daughters cannot like someone in the future.

However, since they have the appearance of ten year-olds… it would be best not to teach them too many unnecessary things…

“Mother, what are you worried about?”
After Sharusha was concerned about me, I responded instantly.

“What is love? I’m thinking about how I should explain it to you two.”

“Love, the most wonderous thing that God has given to mankind. This is what it is theologically.”

“Y-ye~ah, in theory you could say that, but it’s something different from that.”

“In addition, occasionally, when the phenomenon called love occurs, pleasant emotions are born and surface, but those pleasant feelings aren’t love itself. Rather, it’s like a fog which hides the love, and it is necessary to be careful to not be misled by this. That is how it is interpreted in theology.”

Wait a second, aren’t I the one who is being taught the meaning of love?

“In recent prevalent theology, although love is explained by classifying love into four parts: unconditional love from god, familial love, friendship [1], and love [2], it’s too long so I’ll explain later.”

“Yea… Thanks…”

As expected, love is something complicated. Furthermore, before I was aware, the problem of romantic love was replaced with regular love. I also have hear the talks about the differences between romantic love and affection… it’s becoming more and more incomprehensible.

When an expression of anguish appeared on me, Leica came in holding a plate of food that she had just cooked.

“Here, scrambled eggs with bread. Please be careful so you don’t burn yourself.”

That’s it. Let’s ask Leica about her love experiences as well.

“Hey, Leica, has you ever fallen in lo—-”

“Ah, there is something I need to tell you Azusa-sama.”

Leica, who put down the plates, put her hands together.

“I would like to return to my parents’ home.”

For a moment, I was absentminded.

“E, e, e, e, eh–! What happened?! Are you dissatisfied with your lifestyle?! If you have complaints or troubles, don’t conceal it and tell me! I’ll improve it!”

I thought back to the time of when some of my juniors left the company.

As a superior, I had to advise them to endure it until they found another job at least. But since I died from overworking, in a sense, the juniors’ judgments had some foresight… It’d be better to become unemployed than to die from overworking…

It’s no good. It’ll end up like what had happened in my memories where it was better to quit.

“Leica, as a witch, do I have a problem…?  Is my teaching method bad…? Please, tell me!”

“Um…… Azusa-sama?! What’s the matter?”

“You can’t ask me what’s the matter! Although I treat you as my disciple, I think of you as part of my family! If you tell me that you’re going to leave, of course I’ll be upset!”

I am truly indebted to Leica. The first contact for sure was dangerous, but now it’s indeed a good memory to embrace.

“Azusa-sama, please settle down for a moment!”

“B-but, I can’t “calm down” for this kind of thing… Don’t resign as a disciple, Leica!”

“I am not quitting! I am just returning to my parents’ home to attend my sister’s wedding ceremony!”

“Eh? Wedding……?”

Now that you mention it, when Sharusha went during the attack, Leica said something like that. [3]

“That’s right. There is a wedding ceremony at Rocko Volcano, where the dragon race lives. It has been decided that my older sister will wed her childhood friend. Incidentally, both are dragons.”

Farufa cheerfully said, “Wooow! Congratulations!” It certainly is a joyous occasion..

Sharusha said, “This is a form of love,” as though she were enlightened.

Marriage is certainly one of the complete forms of romance.

“I see, please attend. My older sister would also be delighted.”

“Yes. I would like to celebrate the starting a life anew between two people――Oh, how about this?”

It seems like Leica was struck with some idea.

“In that case, if you do not mind, would you like to come to the wedding ceremony with me? I don’t believe that the ceremony will be too crowded. Think of it like going to a festival, or a field trip.”


  1. Four types of love (愛). This one, “friendship,” is written as 友愛, thus it’s a type of love (in Japanese).
  2. Similar explanation, 恋愛 means just love. For example, girl and guy going out, etc. In the end, basically romantic love.
  3. The “attack” is referring to Beelzebub.



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