Laika – V1 Chapter 1

Hey guys, so it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve posted myself, or done anything at all really. I mostly blame myself for being a bum like usual, it really adds up. Additionally, I’ve been sitting on the chapter for a whole month, meaning it was already translated, but that was it. Anyways, enough of me blabbering, without further ado, here’s the first chapter of Laika:
Chapter 1: Here

If you want me to continue this light novel, please let me know in the comments, I’ll have to buy it, so you really need to let me know.


ABM Chapter 50

For once, this is finally on schedule… or should be, but NU will probably put it as the next day or whatever… Anways, I managed to do this chapter in a whole sitting took five hours(which is a bit depressing honestly), so yayyy, but I don’t know if I’ll be in the mood to do it again for next Wednesday or not, I guess we’ll see. Enough of my rambling, here’s chapter fifty:

Link: Chapter 50

Radiant Soul Spinner Chapter 2

So, out of sheer boredom, as well as interest(and wanting to make this novel more popular and spreading Sanzenism), I decided to translate this over a period of time. I may or may not continue slowly doing these; my main purpose for doing so would be to attract the interest of a translator who could do this full time, because I would still like to argue that this is one of the few best fantasy JP novels(not including actual literature as well as professionally published non-light novels). Without further rambling, here is Radiant Soul Spinner, Chapter 2: Sword and Spear


Average Abilities – Chapter 48 (+ Short clarification)

Hello everyone, I am the lovely Manager of this fine establishment, DC. Before the short explanation, I’d like to make a little shout out.

This chapter is dedicated to illy the shitposter, thanks for always stabbing me and bitching at me.

Now I know Fairy explained what was happening with how this is being picked up, but after reading the comments on that chapter, it was clear that everyone either A: Read it and understood it, B: Read it but misunderstood it, or C: Just didn’t read it at all. Due to this, it has to be re-explained, in hopes that you the readers will actually read this and really understand what’s going on.

Also, I’d like to say that I somewhat admire Loli O Mamoritai’s tenacity for continuously trudging through and at least providing some sort of story for readers who really liked average abilities, even with all of the negative feedback.

Good day to everyone who is reading this. We’ve been having a couple questions pertaining to the novel of I Said Make My Abilities Average! and we’re hoping this post should answer them as well as explain our reasoning behind them. If there’s any other question that you feel is left unanswered, place them in the comments and we’ll do our best to get back to you!


Q: “Why are you retranslating the chapters?”
A: We are choosing to retranslate the chapters because overall makes it easier for us to properly edit them. While we could merely TLC the already translated chapters, it ends up being more work in the end as we’d have to compare the sentences then correct anything we felt may be wrong. In addition to having to find the raws.


Q: “Why not just work together to continue translating?”

A: We did attempt to do so but were unable to work anything out. There were a couple issues while attempting to negotiate. In the end, it boiled down to scheduling conflicts as well as lack of communication. Loli o Mamorita wanted to continue releasing chapters before we had the chance to thoroughly edit them on the occasion we were able to. On top of this, we had a couple personality conflicts as we strive for quality over quantity.


Q: “Why not just edit the already translated chapters?”

A: This question is similar to the first one, but I’ll put it here anyway. We are choosing not to edit the already translated chapters as we wouldn’t be able to vouch very well for the accuracy of the translations. If we just threw our editors onto the project, they’d be missing information or something would be too far from the original causing an even further loss of accuracy.


If there’s something huge we missed or something you want to know, let us know in the comments below! We’ll be happy to answer anything you guys think needs clarifying! As always, happy reading!



I’d also like to re-clarify that it is in-fact Yado Inn(us) who are picking up “average”, not RTD (Raising The Dead translations). And as far as schedule-wise, I have no idea what the release schedule for this would be, so for now, it’s undecided.

Now, with all of that boring info out of the way, enjoy~

Link: Chapter 48


Here’s chapter 47 for Akugyaku no Black Maria: Link

I’m just going to insert some random questions into your mind to think about for upcoming chapters and whatever.

P.S. I have no idea what’s in the upcoming chapters because we aren’t ahead in any way.

-What is the next big assignment?

-Who’s relationship will further develop, and how?

-Will conflict arise among the team and/or the entire organization itself?

-Will we ever know more about why this novel has an isekai genre (besides that one chapter talking about Shizuru’s dreams)?


Heyo, been a while since I directly posted (>.>). This time, it was pushed onto me since I have (not really, but I like to believe) OCD when it comes to the posting format, and no one who posts a chapter knows how to follow it. I then proceed to (jokingly) rage at everyone. Also, sorry that there was no ABM chapter this week. But there will definitely be one next Wednesday. In addition to that, sorry that chapter two of SKM wasn’t posted yesterday, everyone was a bit busy and didn’t have time to post it.

Enough of my pointless rambling though. Without further ado, here is chapter 2 of SKM, and chapter 27 of MLW!

SKM Chapter 2: Link

MLW Chapter 27: Link

Edit: Had to fix chapter 27 because of version mistake.