DD LN – Chapter 12 Part 1

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for taking so much time for this chapter.

At first, I intended to translate the whole chapter at once. But halfway through the chapter it, after seeing the total character count (30k+ of JP character), I gave up and decided to release it in 4 parts instead.

So here, the first part! Enjoy!


DD LN – Vol 3 ch 11

Hi everyone. ShimizuA here

As you have been told by Conform child, we have backed out from translating DD WN and decided to translate the LN instead. The reason is… quite simple actually…

To put it simply, we have some misunderstandings. And it didn’t work out for both of us.

So I decided to back out from DD WN project. But I still want to translate DD. So I decided to translate the LN instead.

As for why we decided to start at volume 3, it’s because we want to keep close with the current arc. We still will translate vol 1 and 2, but we will do it in parallel with vol 3. So don’t worry.

Well then, enjoy the chapter.