JUSCO V1 Chapter 3 part 2-3

Translator: Crown Princess JUSCO(Kaelpie)    Editor: Yuzuhaa    TLC: ShimizuA

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“Princess are you safe!? Just now, did that ‘kyuu’ come from you fainting!?”(Krauze)

Krau opened the sliding paper door from the next room and appeared in her usual armored appearance. She’s not wearing the bridal gown anymore.

“Ah, Krau, just when I thought that I hadn’t seen you for a while; so you were changing huh.”(Rin)

It’s a little disappointing.

“Yes. Since the wedding ceremony was canceled due to the raid. …Moreover, I heard your story from the other room. It’s possible to make a government in exile without a marriage right? Then there’s no reason to wear such costumes.”(Krau)

“…Well, pretty much.”(Rinchirou)


While conversing like that, Krau checks the pulse of the fainted princess, then silently and gently picks up her small body.

“Well then, I will lay the princess down in the other room.”(Krau)

“Ok… By the way, Krau, I feel embarrassed saying something like this but──”(Rinichirou)

“? What?”(Krau)

“You looked beautiful in that bridal wear back there.”(Rinichirou)

I was embarrassed but I boldly said it.

However, Krau seems to be just as embarrassed to receive praise.

“Ha…!? W-w-w-what are you saying!? I’ll kill you!”(Krauzera)


Krauze seems terribly confused… So much so that she drops the princess on the floor.

And since she was right on the threshold of the sliding door,




the sound of her hitting the back of her head rings out.

“U~~h, Kyu~~u…”

“Oh your highness, Princess! It’s because Rinichirou said something strange!”(Krauze)

“Huh, me? That was my fault?”(Rinichirou)

“Of course!”(Krau)

No, of course it’s not. Why are you getting so flustered?

Given that, it seems it would be best not to say any more like [Your figure as a bride was beautiful, but your figure when wielding the sword was even more lovely] and such.

If she keeps dropping her, the back of the Princess’ head might not last much longer.

After that, Krau and I are told by grandma to help clean up the room dirtied by aliens and bring in the laundry.

My grandmother is as coarse as ever. How much does she intend to make a person, who was wearing a bridal costume just a second ago, work? I didn’t think Krau would listen obediently.


By the way, Princess Pau woke up in about an hour, after that she sat on the floor grasping her knees in a daze, occasionally looking through the TV section of the newspaper.


“Uuu… Sniff, sniff… According to the newspaper, they’re doing reruns of anime from the evening on… Even though late night anime airs after 1am…”(Pau)

She’s dwelling on and crying over a channel that didn’t appear. Super annoying.

Anyways, while she did that the sun went down, we ate dinner at night while Princess Pau continued to whine, by the time we all go to sleep Princess Pau goes on the internet── and the long day ends.

Eventually, the next morning──


(Translator’s Note: It seems this is Krau’s POV, in a third person.)

6 AM local time. The <Sphera’s> sunrise is beautiful.

For the Rosebud Krauzera, this was her second morning after coming into this world. However, yesterday she woke up late because of fatigue from the battle, so this was her first time seeing another world’s sunrise.

She fixes her eyes at the rising sun from Seta’s backyard.

(Ahh, how pretty…)

She unconsciously stops her hands during her daily practice swings.

The sky over the dark green mountains is clear blue while the orange sun rises.

In addition, the town looks beautiful as well. Because the Setas live on a slope away from the center of the town, you can see the figure of the town from their garden.

Broad farmlands and brown houses. A vast forest surrounding them. The stone-like road passing through the forest, and next to the sparkling river is a building that looks like an industrial facility. Both are proof of humans coexisting with nature. Human civilization and nature have found a good balance. ──It’s a great contrast compared to her hometown.

(Besides── on top of that, this place…)

“Wait a minute Krau, what are you doing? Swinging your sword around in the morning.”(Tomeko)

“Grandmother, good morning. As you can see it’s just practice. It’s sword training.”(Krau)

Of course, it remains in the sheath.

She cannot pull out her sword or fight seriously without permission because of the “Knight Seal(bud)”. But the reverse also applies. If you have an order, you cannot avoid a fight. Because the Knights(Rosebuds)’s power is for their master(Lord).

“Hmm, sword huh… Putting that aside, please come to the kitchen and help me prepare breakfast. It’s okay to have swordsmanship as a hobby, but you can’t live here without doing housework.”(Tomeko)

“Ha ha, I would be happy to. …He he.”(Krau)

“Why are you laughing? Is there something funny?”(Tomeko)

“No… I will head to the kitchen immediately.”(Krau)

(Hehe, “swordsmanship as a hobby” huh… So this is a world where you don’t have to fight.)

In this land, there are no battles.

She grew up in the war-torn Holy Eis United Kingdom, everything is fresh/new in her eyes.

“Ah, I see… Krau, I understand why you were smiling. As I said yesterday, you can use that. You know, that ‘reward ticket’.”(Tomeko)

“N-No, I wasn’t smiling because of that! But, if grandmother says so…”(Krau)

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