Jusco V1 Chapter 2 part 4

Here’s the chapter


Anyone have text hooker application like AGTH or ITH? I need it for scraping LN raws and those two wasn’t supported anymore. I do have VisualNovelreader, but I’m not sure how to make it works on booklive reader.


3 thoughts on “Jusco V1 Chapter 2 part 4”

  1. I think you can find the application at fuwanovel forum
    I don’t remember where i got mine ,but because i customuzed it too much, i cant share it
    Maybe latter i will share it if i find the original bundle


  2. I’ll vouch for ITHVNR. In the end though, I really think you’ll need to delve into h-codes before you can use any of them. Unless you manage to find a scraper that’s customized for that app already.


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